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Kuluneen 1 kk ajalta ne havainnot, joissa on sekä kuva että havaintokertomus.

Several halo forms

3.7.2022 at 17.38 - Kuusamo, Käylä (II)
Jani Päiväniemi, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

After the rain showers, the basic set was visible.

At least 10 lightning strikes seen

3.7.2022 at 16.00 - 17.00 - Lappeenranta (III)
Terhi Törmälä

I followed the thunderstorm situation all day and finally four of them started happening in Lappeenranta as well. I had chosen the Luukkaansalmi bridge as the anchorage point and it turned out (once again) to be the right place. The catch was one flash photo and a couple of nice avalanches. And finally the rainbow.

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

3.7.2022 at 12.53 - Kuusamo, Käylä (III)
Jani Päiväniemi, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

It was my son's birthday and the thunder came in the middle of the party. We saw a lot of lightning and I shot a clip with my cell phone where one strike was recorded. Picture taken from the video.

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3.7.2022 at 12.35 - 13.00 - Jyväskylä (III)
Harri Kiiskinen, Jyväskylän Sirius

Despite the flaming of the tabloids, it didn't rain a drop in Central Finland, and there was no lightning at all. Instead of flash photography, the Sun again. The main image is a color image, with the material coming towards us colored in blue and the material flowing away in orange, using the deformation of the hydrogen absorption line (The Doppler-Fizeau effect). You can also see the direction of the Sun's rotation from the colors. On the edges of the puck, there are quite spectacular bumps.

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

3.7.2022 at 11.00 - 13.00 - Nurmes (IV)
Eero Karvinen

The frontal zone, together with the high moisture in the lower troposphere and the cooled middle troposphere, created a suitable base for thunderstorms. Thunderstorm development started in the morning hours near Kuopio, rapidly intensifying from small cells to MCS. Pictures taken from the observation tower in Ylä-Valtimo. The lightning was mainly cloud lightning, but some really nice ground lightning was recorded on the camera. Shot using a trigger. In the quadrilateral, the cell shortly before the crossing. The development of convection was very fast. EDIT added as an illustration the body fr...

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3.7.2022 at 01.00 - Tampere (I)
Tapio Lahtinen, Tampereen Ursa

A very quick rap from the sun today - only about 100 frames in a stack. But nice prots on the edge.

One halo form

2.7.2022 at 19.02 - Kuusamo, Käylä (I)
Jani Päiväniemi, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

A lone zyk was seen during the swimming trip.

At least 10 lightning strikes seen

2.7.2022 at 18.35 - 20.00 - Kauhava (III)
Esa Palmi, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

For the first time this summer properly on the road. The early summer has been really miserable in terms of thunderstorms, so Saturday's conditions gave me the motivation to go for a little longer ride. The clouds got high, but most of the lightning strikes were high up in the cloud. This one knew constant rumbling, but ground lightning was less frequent. There was nothing particularly showy, but Ostrobothnia's unusually high humidity for Finland's level and a suitable temperature drop caused cells to be born no matter how much during the day. I started the day with high convection...

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Image of an exceptional thunder cloud

2.7.2022 at 18.30 - Tampere (IV)
Ville-Aleksi Alatalo

Strong thunder crossed Tampere, accompanied by heavy rain and torrential rain. First time in my life when I bonga super cell thunder and feel its power.

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Image of an exceptional thunder cloud

2.7.2022 at 18.15 - Tampere Halkoniemi (III)
Ilpo Hyvärinen

A naughty deaf person was coming, so I took the almost dry carpets from the washing place. First, of course, a picture of the incoming cloud. Visibility went to a few hundred meters. At Siilinkari, Puuskatuuli ran the meter at 21 m/s. Surprisingly little lightning.

Image of an exceptional thunder cloud

2.7.2022 at 18.00 - Vesilahti (I)
Markku Ruonala

A few gusts, a few flashes of lightning and a lot of water, that's what this thunderstorm offered.

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Image of an exceptional thunder cloud

2.7.2022 at 17.29 - 18.15 - Kurikka (V)
Marko Myllyniemi, Lakeuden Ursa

I started to watch the clouds rising in the sky sometime after five, when a "cauliflower" was rolling in the direction of Jurva for the first time, which, however, quickly moved to bad observation stations. Fortunately, however, an impressive-looking anvil was approaching from the direction of Kauhajoki, which I took as my shooting target. Picture series 1-4 are about the approach of a thundercloud, which were taken with the phone's own camera program, either with a normal or wide-angle camera. Photos 5-6 of the lightning produced by the thundercloud were taken with the Lightning Camera ap...

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

2.7.2022 at 16.30 - 17.15 - Raahe
Jarkko Alatalo, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

I photographed the approach of the thunder front until the first strong gusts of wind. The most severe lightning and rain seemed to fall closer to the coast here than at my observation location. Lightning flickered a bit, but when you looked at the radar images, it showed quite a bunch of lightning in the area.

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Other storm phenomenon

2.7.2022 at 16.00 - Vaasa (I)
Timo Alanko, Vaasan Andromeda

Mavicci was on duty for a long time making videos, but the lightning must have struck inside the clouds, because despite the constant rumbling, I couldn't get them in the picture. I was expecting funnel clouds from the south side of the city, but they didn't come either. I had to settle for messy rain walls this time too :(

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One halo form

2.7.2022 at 13.30 - 17.00 - Kouvola (I)
Tero Sipinen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Throughout the afternoon it was visible at times 22r. The first observation was already at Iiti, but since the "screening" didn't change for any reason, I'll go with one snap (and a picture of Kouvola, because the snappy picture at Iiti was a bit worse :)

Lightning photo

2.7.2022 at 04.00 - 04.40 - Turku (IV)
Mikko Peussa, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Morning wake-up call with a mobile phone. That lightning strike of the pictures was quite a shock. The first and second images are therefore the same jumble of consecutive frames.

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Lightning photo

2.7.2022 at 03.30 - 07.00 - Lieto (III)
Matti Helin, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Nice morning. Flashing was pretty lazy. Talk and decent pictures later.

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At least 5 lightning strikes seen

2.7.2022 at 02.45 - 06.00 - Turku (III)
Paula Mattila

In the morning, thunder came from the sea within earshot sometime before three, it was still an hour before sunrise but it was bright, lightning was visible at a steady pace but rarely, I managed to get one on video. The show continued after sunrise but I had to go back to sleep when the work day was ahead.

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Primary rainbow

1.7.2022 at 22.16 - Kangasala (I)
Jukka Oravasaari

A very modest clip of a rainbow as an observation of a dog walk.

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One halo form

1.7.2022 at 16.45 - Riihimäki (I)
Vesa Toropainen

22r and "rainbow", this is also a kind of double observation ????

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