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Quiet aurora arc

15.12.2015 at 01.15 - Pälkäne (II)
Eero Mäki-Mantila

At 01.00, the cloud curtain that had been disturbing the whole evening disappeared, revealing the northern lights and the play of the geminids. At that point, the best "power" of the Northern Lights had disappeared, star flights were seen in several minutes. Canon 6D Samyang 14mm f2.8 ISO3200 13sec RAW + post-processing LR5

A fireball at night, as bright as a full moon

14.12.2015 at 21.37 - Orimattila (V)
Pia Simonen

Of the numerous stellar flights seen during the evening, this was the only one recorded on camera, a truly spectacular glimpse.

All-sky aurora

14.12.2015 at 21.18 - 22.15 - Laitila (V)
Pirjo Koski

Johan had a market! As a surprise, the northern lights creep around the corner to Laitila again. I spent the day on the stones and minerals exam in Turku and after hearing about the surprising final grade and pass, I decided to go ventilate the extra minerals in my head… it was a festive atmosphere! In Face, the Northern Lights firefighters were buzzing with excitement and watching people’s updates. Wonderful — this had been sad, decent shit! Using it instead was a pain — the cloud-rafts rolled to the front again. Well, there was no difficulty deciding where to shoot — where there is a gap. Ju...

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All-sky aurora

14.12.2015 at 20.30 - Kuusamo (V)
Vesa-Matti Kleemola

It was colorful at first, a lot of red as the intensifiers turned more green. There were also a lot of gemini on the move, but the pictures dodged, except that now I was hiding from that second picture as little as Viiru :)

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A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

15.12.2015 at 04.55 - Tampere (III)
Jouni Raunio, Tampereen Ursa

A fireball in the morning whose flight was recorded on two cameras.

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Auroras seen through breaks in the clouds

15.12.2015 at 00.00 - 05.00 - Tampere (II)
Jouni Raunio, Tampereen Ursa

Unfortunately, the clouds are known to mess up the fine display.

All-sky aurora

14.12.2015 at 19.20 - 21.00 - Kuusamo (V)
Seija Ropponen

Last night, the village of Ruka didn't have to guess if there were northern lights. They were so intense that they were visible despite the artificial lights. However, we went a little further to describe a great Northern Lights play.

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A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

15.12.2015 at 02.34 - Tampere (III)
Tapio Lahtinen, Tampereen Ursa

The first time my work star star grabbed an object that could be classified as a fireball.

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Half-sky auroras

14.12.2015 at 22.00 - Kannus (IV)
Päivi Peltoniemi

I set out to practice northern lights shooting in a large field area. A stargazing happened in one picture. The show was great to watch! The sky was almost cloudless. An interesting experience to be alone in a place where a lot of predators move ... especially when during the day the wolf had killed the keeper on the other side of the dog ...

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Active aurora band

14.12.2015 at 22.00 - Porvoo (III)
Peter von Bagh

Here in Porvoo you could sometimes see just worthy repos. In those countries at 9 p.m., it began to look like there were illuminating night clouds in the northern sky, heh. Apparently the repos shone from the cracks in the clouds, or some clouds emphasized the color and light of the repos better than others. The last two images show these illuminating cloud repositories. For a moment, red was clearly visible even without a camera. There were plenty of geminides.

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Auroras seen through breaks in the clouds

14.12.2015 at 23.40 - Uusikaupunki (II)
Janne Kari

Bright repos and clouds that fell on top. The star flights of the Geminids were seen wildly before the sky closed.

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Auroras seen through breaks in the clouds

14.12.2015 at 22.00 - Lieto (II)
Matti Helin, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

What a painful evening. The values were the best, but the Cloudiness that started in the evening completely ruined the performance.

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All-sky aurora

14.12.2015 at 21.00 - Kokkola (V)
Sakari Viitala

At times, northern lights flutter quickly and sometimes remain in place for a long time. The colors were visible to the naked eye and were still nicely accentuated by the camera. The images have been sharpened and the colors slightly brightened. I added a couple of pictures and changed the rating of the northern lights to the northern lights.

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All-sky aurora

14.12.2015 at 20.00 - Nivala (V)
Heikki Hautala

Handsome northern lights and lots of red. Lots of star flights, one of which was left in the picture.

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Quiet aurora arc

14.12.2015 at 20.15 - 20.50 - Mäntsälä, Ohkola (II)
Teppo Laitinen, Keski-Uudenmaan Altair

I went to watch the star flights of the geminids (the second picture shows one on the slightly left side), but the northern lights stole the attention.

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All-sky aurora

14.12.2015 at 19.10 - 21.10 - Vaasa (V)
Tommi Järvilehto, Vaasan Andromeda

Literally the northern lights of the whole sky. The camera is facing East. Orion covered with northern lights. These were the southernmost things that had come to be seen. All in all, it was awesome from the starry sky views. Calm little frost. Northern lights in the sky and a flock of geminids on top. In the northern and northern sky's northern lights, red stood out easily to the naked eye. At nine o'clock there were clearer greens, perhaps even slight shades of yellow in the northern sky. At seven o'clock in the early evening, spots or more vague gauze were visible.

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Half-sky auroras

14.12.2015 at 19.18 - Ranua (IV)
Anna-Liisa Sarajärvi, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

Moving further, I went to the winter forest to admire and describe possible northern lights. The snow is 20 cm and the frost banged at -17 degrees. A few handsome starbursts also came to light. The northern lights shone quite nicely. This time they were colorful and slow moving. The handsome, slow-moving arc was visible for a couple of hours. The clouds then arrived before midnight.

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Half-sky auroras

14.12.2015 at 20.00 - 21.30 - Evijärvi (IV)
Kari Lassila, Evijärven taivastelijat

Reposet surprised again. Together with the clouds arranged quite a play.

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A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

14.12.2015 at 21.43 - Espoo (III)
Janne Sievinen, Ursa (Helsinki)

In connection with the shooting of the northern lights, a fireball also hit the screen. I used to make a visual observation only in the blink of an eye with the side eye. Attached is a full illuminated frame and a partial magnification showing the trajectory of the fireball partly behind the clouds on the horizon. Youtube also has a timelapse where the car box is paused.

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Half-sky auroras

14.12.2015 at 20.44 - 21.50 - Helsinki (IV)
Pentti Arpalahti

The long wait was rewarded with quite a play. There were gauze and belts from south to east and over the zenith. Sampu's 14 mm full cell had a very long glass. The show was over for an hour. Hard to say how much I lost from the start. I already got the first pictures when I stepped out the door. Went anywhere in the vicinity, so repos grabbed the cell in every direction. The air was clear and pungent, great conditions. Even three star flights flashed in the sky. I gleamed again at the fire of heaven for all the other passers-by. The young girl nearby seems to be saying to someone on her ce...

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