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Pearl clouds

6.2.2016 at 08.16 - Jämsä (III)
Eila Tiirinen

Are there pearl clouds here? - or just something else.

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Pearl clouds

5.2.2016 at 16.35 - 17.05 - Pori (IV)
Juha Ojanperä, Porin Karhunvartijat

A handsome pearl cloud play in the sky of Pori. The pearl clouds were white, type I pearls. The pearls reached a height of about 30 degrees at best in the southwest-west direction. The dominant shapes in the pearl cloud area were gauze and belts, much like the blurred belts seen in the illuminating night clouds.

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Pearl clouds

4.2.2016 at 17.18 - Helsinki (III)
Pauli Jokinen

The spectacular photos of the pearl clouds from the British Isles made me go crazy, as the stratospheric temperatures had dropped to around -85 degrees in southern Finland based on soundings. After sunset, there was a fairly clear pearlescent brown in the west, but at least the spots of color that showed them were not yet visible in the sky. At the border of the city center roofs, some type 1 light streaks were visible when zoomed.

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Pearl clouds

4.2.2016 at 17.16 - Helsinki (III)
Matias Takala, Kuopion Saturnus

On the channel, Pauli Jokinen stated that there may be type I pearl clouds in the sky. From that seat, I set out to investigate the situation myself. I first looked at that there are also type II clouds there but it was still brilliantly great as an aircraft launcher. Instead, I think I was very clear.

Pearl clouds

4.2.2016 at 16.34 - 16.43 - Helsinki (II)
Pentti Arpalahti

Inspired by a bright evening and other pearl sightings, I went through the highest pimples in the nearby terrain and the pearl seemed to grab the cell. From the northwest there were dark norm clouds that covered the view to the west a little too early. In the last picture, magnified in the southwest, there is a confusing abyss, which was neither a pearl cloud nor a tail star crashing into the ground. The first image is a partial magnification of the slightly more processed vitos image.

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Pearl clouds

3.2.2016 at 17.15 - 17.40 - Mikkeli
Kati Summanen

While driving, I noticed the particularly strong mist on the lake, pond, and fields. The sun had already set and it was already very dim, you could already call it dark. I also noticed a strong Rusko and I think a little different compared to what I usually see. I drove to a higher place, there was no fog, but I stayed there to watch the darkness fall. For a while, I also noticed pale streaked clouds in a small area (lousy Figure 4). Could it be pearly brown and clouds still in February and even so in the south? I don’t know what nature looks like, apparently I haven’t seen it before. From the...

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Pearl clouds

1.2.2016 at 15.51 - Rovaniemi (II)
Olli Sälevä

A small and rather poorly visible pearl cloud group. Marko Riikonen observes the same clouds:

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Pearl clouds

1.2.2016 at 15.50 - Rovaniemi (II)
Marko Riikonen

Three images of the same cold area. Slightly colored these. Pretty low on the horizon, small in size. Then there was more broadly such a light horizontal fiber. Somewhere southwest certainly had some finer shows. Second picture 21 minutes from the first, third 35 minutes.

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Pearl clouds

29.1.2016 at 15.04 - Inari (IV)
Birit Schenk

As the sun set, a small clear pastel-colored cloud appeared in the sky.

Pearl clouds

29.1.2016 at 14.07 - Inari (IV)
Birit Schenk

Before sunset, I noticed a group of pearl clouds in the western sky, and further afield I saw another group of pearl clouds that was less distinct.

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Pearl clouds

29.1.2016 at 08.30 - Inari (III)
Satu Juvonen

On my second pearl cloud day, I was in traffic early before sunrise. Climbing the mountain, the horizon shone with white light surrounded by a reddish brown. Pearls were in the sky all day, one of the countries colors the strongest. The hike was shorter than planned, no matter when I had to stop to shoot. Amazing colors in these!

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Pearl clouds

28.1.2016 at 10.00 - Inari (III)
Satu Juvonen

While hiking in Kiilopää, I was able to follow the life of pearl clouds for two consecutive days. On this first day, bluish pearls appeared in ten countries, and after half a day also colored pearls. Unfortunately, there was a thin roar in front. Rusko was beautiful (main picture) and pearls were still visible an hour after sunset.

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Pearl clouds

27.12.2015 at 11.30 - 12.00 - Posio (IV)
Heikki Ketola

Pearl clouds in the middle of a clear day in Riisitunturi National Park.

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