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Rocket-related clouds

16.2.2016 at 20.06 - Sodankylä (IV)
Jukka Brusila

I was photographing the northern lights in Sodankylä's Boss Cairo at the top of the Tunturipäät fell, when my attention was drawn to a special spot of light in the sky. It looked a bit hazy and I considered it a star cluster, but then I noticed it moving pretty fast. Turbidity and haze are shown in the images by comparison with adjacent stars. Maybe an airplane - however, I’ve never made a similar observation before. The attached images were taken with a shutter speed of 15 seconds. #raketti: Vaccines #satelliitti: Sentinel 3A (2016-011A)

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Rocket-related clouds

16.2.2016 at 20.06 - Oulu (IV)

As I photographed the northern lights, I noticed a peculiar spot of light in the sky between the northeast and the north. The light stood out clearly from the stars due to its large size, and in a series of a few images, its movement toward the northern horizon was also clearly visible. The first image was taken at approximately 8:06 p.m. (according to the cell phone clock) and the second attached image was taken approximately 1 minute 36 seconds after the first, after which the light became invisible. The exposure time of the images was 4 seconds, with a Canon 6D camera and a Samyang 14mm f /...

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Rocket-related clouds

16.2.2016 at 20.05 - Kokkola (III)
Joni Virtanen

It would be exciting to stand in the field in the light of the moon and watch the launch of this rocket live from the phone! The sky was slightly cloudy and in the north a slight northern lights, so the visibility was not the best. With my eyes close, I tried to blink in the direction I had seen shots before. After a while, the side eye separated from the center of the fog a shimmering "cloud" that moved surprisingly fast. I got exposed to a few frames with 8-second exposures combined in the picture. In the RAW editor, I used a dehaze filter. The picture also shows a partial magnification, fro...

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Rocket-related clouds

16.2.2016 at 20.05 - Ii, Praava (IV)
Heikki Annala

I was filming the northern lights in Iin Praava when a northeastern sky showed a tiny slow-moving cloud of light that is apparently the launch of a satellite Sentinel 3A from Russia. The shutter speed of the image is 5 seconds. #raketti: Vaccines #satelliitti: Sentinel 3A (2016-011A)

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Rocket-related clouds

16.2.2016 at 20.03 - Kuusamo
Kalervo Myllyrinne

While photographing the northern lights in Kiveskoski, Kuusamo, I noticed that already when the fires were fading, the bright moving light phenomenon was advancing towards the north. When I noticed the phenomenon, it was already quite close to the horizon (tree tops) and it was moving at such a speed that I first imagined it as an airplane flying at an altitude of less than a mile. I took three or four photos of it before it went behind the tops of the tree. I forgot about it in the way of the more important ones (northern lights pictures ...), until today I saw that Sentinel launcher thing in...

Rocket-related clouds

16.2.2016 at 20.00 - Savukoski (III)
Mari Pulska

I just went to the yard to photograph the northern lights when I noticed a bright light in the northwest that looked like a big star at first sight. I photographed the phenomenon with 10s exposure and noticed that it was moving. I managed to shoot the phenomenon 3 times with 10s exposure before it disappeared, and in the meantime I had time to change the location of the camera, which means that the phenomenon was visible for a relatively long time. Unfortunately, only 2 of the three pictures succeeded somehow. #raketti: Vaccines #satelliitti: Sentinel 3A (2016-011A)

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Rocket-related clouds

16.2.2016 at 19.59 - 20.02 - Utsjoki (V)
Antero Isola

A rocket fired by a Russian is shown in the pictures. I made it a time kid presentation. I tried to upload a video but it doesn't work through this. A story on the subject can be found at #raketti: Vaccines #satelliitti: Sentinel 3A (2016-011A)

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