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Aurora rays

11.3.2016 at 22.20 - Karjalohja (II)
Suvi Heinonen

It was a bright evening and I went to the shore of the lake to photograph the starry sky. However, there was always some red glow on the edge of the constellations, and I began to observe the horizon because the possibility of the northern lights also existed. I noticed faint colorless moving northern lights in the horizon and decided to try taking a picture of them. I got several pictures and the pictures revealed great colors! Red, white and yellow. My first picture was from the Northern Lights and I got saved something so wonderful. The lights blazed for about half an hour after which the s...

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Aurora rays

11.3.2016 at 22.45 - 00.30 - Kuortane (II)
Kimmo Kantola, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I happened to look out the window to the north and saw a small glow of light in the sky, I thought they were northern lights. Overalls on and camera Northern Lights ready. When I got to the yard, the best spending was going on. Focus a bit in a hurry and look for some kind of angles. Gradually, the repos began to dim and calm down. Luckily, I picked up a few pictures of the same best moments.

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Active aurora band

11.3.2016 at 22.58 - Ilmajoki (III)
Mauri Korpi, Lakeuden Ursa

Clear evening for a long time and northern lights visible. The fog immediately started teasing me as I began to shoot.

Auroras seen through breaks in the clouds

11.3.2016 at 22.00 - 04.00 - Tampere (II)
Jouni Raunio, Tampereen Ursa

Reposia flashed between the clouds on vacation.

Active aurora band

11.3.2016 at 23.00 - Reisjärvi (III)
Pasi Niskanen

The intention was to photograph the moon, but northern lights were also found!

Quiet aurora band

11.3.2016 at 21.47 - 00.00 - Ikaalinen, Sisättö (II)
Heidi Rikala, Ursa (Helsinki)

Northern lights began to appear after 9:30 p.m. Fortunately, the clouds completely receded and the northern lights came out properly. It was a very peaceful dance. The camera found great colors throughout the evening. Blue, red, purple and green. Only the green color stood out to the naked eye. At midnight on the lands the fog began to rise from the field, but to my regret at the same time the skies faded away.

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Active aurora band

11.3.2016 at 20.56 - 23.00 - Laitila (III)
Pirjo Koski

The forecasts looked reasonably good, so it was known for the camera and Aunt’s outdoor night. Dad’s DNA responses had arrived. With grief pressing like lead weights still in my legs and head, I decided that now is the time to calm down and go to nature to unravel the situation. Repo gauze herb for a long time in the sky unchanged. I was already packing the camels as the fog rose menacingly and the visibility lost. When I got in the car, I stated; can per .... and half run back to the field. The sky flew into flames. Absolutely incredibly beautiful, especially when the break has been shooting ...

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Auroras seen through breaks in the clouds

11.3.2016 at 22.53 - Jämsä (II)
Eila Tiirinen

Cloudy, the forecasts weren't quite good either. However, I was outside and something would have been visible if the sky had been completely clear.

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Quiet aurora band

11.3.2016 at 22.22 - Nivala (II)
Heikki Hautala

The fog reduced visibility, but nice to watch nonetheless.

Aurora rays

11.3.2016 at 22.40 - 23.00 - Lapua (II)
Antti Rinne, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

The weather broadcast on MTV advertised the possibility of northern lights, and lo and behold, they were visible there when there were no clouds. My laziness I couldn’t start looking for the best picture from the balance of ten pictures, so I did a gif animation.

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