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19.3.2016 at 04.30 - Kirkkonummi (IV)
Jari Saukkonen, Kirkkonummen komeetta

While the moon was hiding over another object under construction, another object had to be invented. The M101 ended up in sight, as it was as far away from the moon as possible in my sky and visible almost all night. I collected a total of 9.5h of exposure from this handsome spiral galaxy over two nights, and the end result was surprising! The hydrogen regions of the galaxy stand out clearly, and despite the moon, I also recovered some of the Milky Way’s own dust clouds, which stand out just from the background as the screen twists enough brightness. Note that you can no longer control it as i...

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Mars ja Saturnus

19.3.2016 at 03.40 - Siilinjärvi (III)

Mars, Saturn and some twig in the low southern sky. The brightness of Mars has increased surprisingly much in recent months, a pity that it is so low that there is no talk of meaningful telescope observation. A panorama of a few images when the distance of the planets in the sky was a few minutes of arc too much to fit in the same image with a 180-millimeter lens. According to the picture, Antares had to be got as well, but that old standard filming place is so badly bushed that it is no longer possible from there. It would work for a chainsaw.

NGC 7000

19.3.2016 at 03.25 - 04.55 - Tampere
Jouni Raunio, Tampereen Ursa

Another target on Saturday morning was this fog classic. The arrival of spring will be noticed when filming is due to end in five countries already. Full size image here .


19.3.2016 at 02.45 - Kauniainen (IV)
Olli Arkko, Pollux, Aalto-yliopisto

Almost a full moon interfering with filming, not to mention light pollution but still somehow managed to produce a final image.

Telescopic comet PANSTARRS

19.3.2016 at 02.01 - 04.01 - Pieksämäki (II)
Timo Kantola, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

Inspired by Jorma Ryske's observation: I described this surprisingly visible comet C / 2014 S2 (PANSTARRS). The comet is currently cooling off between the Little Bear and Otava. 83% illuminated The moon interfered with its brightness, but I still exposed the 8min partial exposures, in the hope of making the tail as visible as possible. The tail appears brightened, no details are distinguished from it .. Ekana 15x8min animation 02:01 -> 04:01. Second, a single 8min exposure Third, the same, spiced with info. last 15x8min image with excavat...

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IC 5070

19.3.2016 at 01.31 - 03.14 - Tampere
Jouni Raunio, Tampereen Ursa

The night before Saturday was a replica of the previous night: Moon visible, wind, frost and loose clouds. This time the tube was aimed at the shallow constellation Joutsenen, which is more of a shooting scene in the autumn. I should describe this in color then in the fall again. Full size image here .


19.3.2016 at 01.29 - Jyväskylä (IV)
Jesse Kyytinen, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Two bright satellites traveled from the northern horizon to the top right.

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Diffuse glow

19.3.2016 at 01.00 - Jyväskylä (I)
Jesse Kyytinen, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

An extremely dim green glow on the horizon as I explored a new location in the vicinity for summer. It was a pretty pretty moonlit night.

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19.3.2016 at 00.46 - Espoo (III)
Kaj Vilkman

82% growing Moon bright with clear night sky.

A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

19.3.2016 at 00.37 - Turku (III)
Mikko Peussa, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I didn't see it myself, so let the picture tell the rest. The directions of the Cassiopeia seemed to come down diagonally. Captured an 8-second exposure at ISO 1600 and does not appear above or after the sequence.

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A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

19.3.2016 at 00.37 - Helsinki, Pukinmäki (III)
Esko Lyytinen, Ursa (Helsinki)

There is a fireball camera sighting that I did not see myself. I will comment on this a bit in Mikko Peussa's observation:

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A fireball at night, brigter than the venus

19.3.2016 at 00.37 - Hartola (III)
Jani Lappalainen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

He describes the fireball camera as an addition to the observations of Esko Lyytinen and Mikko Peusa. (Link to

One halo form

19.3.2016 at 00.08 - Turku (I)
Mikko Peussa, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

A dim halo in the moonlight exploded into the cartoons of a fireball hunt attempted from the balcony. You could get better from that now, you could make a silky stack with HaloStack and a new bubble blocker :)

Aurora rays

18.3.2016 at 23.45 - 00.30 - Kuortane (II)
Kimmo Kantola, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

A few Northern Lights observations had come to the Skywarden during the evening, and I thought about trying to see if it could catch a few more pictures. For half an hour I went for a walk in the neighbor’s fields and no matter how fit a little activity started to show. A moment later, the reposet dimmed to almost invisible.

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18.3.2016 at 23.15 - Kuopio (II)
Atacan Ergin

Bz negative, skies clear, so I went to take some shots. It was windy, so I couldn't stay long. It's cool to zoom in to see details, when the aurora is not strong enough to get a wide shot of an arc. 

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18.3.2016 at 23.15 - Lieto (III)
Rainer Vastamäki

Experiment. Olympus zc 2 compact camera + lens telescope Unitron 102-1500 mm. The camera has a fairly large lens lens, so suddenly the edges of the eyepiece are photographed. Therefore 40 mm. eyepiece so that there is no need to photograph the edges of the eyepiece. Pictured is the Copernicus Crater. #Lunar100: 005

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Auroras seen through breaks in the clouds

18.3.2016 at 23.15 - Muonio (II)
Heikki Ketola

Northern lights on Pallastunturi as seen from the Salary Box. A growing convex moon would illuminate the fells as part of the shadow of the clouds. Later, the northern lights activated over the sky cover into blazing arcs and at times flared riotously in the northern sky as well. It was bright at midnight in the fell.

Active aurora band

18.3.2016 at 23.11 - Lahti (III)
Kirsi Volanen

Last year there were really great northern lights for these times. The most amazing I've seen. Now these northern lights were pretty dim tonight. A moment earlier there were rays and brighter firing, but I didn’t have time to dry them when I pulled on the warmer clothes and picked up the camera. Then I went to the shore of the lamp and a little bit of this streak in that north direction intensified, but I couldn't stand it either. Well, I didn't need to take a long time in the cold.

Quiet aurora arc

18.3.2016 at 23.10 - Utajärvi (II)
Eero Halme

I photographed the arc of northern lights and only noticed the fireball while looking at the image on the computer screen. Neither this observation nor the image goes through. I only saw the fireball in the picture when I had photographed the arc of northern lights and looked at the picture on the plane.

Half-sky auroras

18.3.2016 at 23.00 - Pyhäjärvi (IV)
Tuija Liunala

in the region of birth visiting the village and admiring the northern lights. on the same trip a fireball sighting

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Active aurora band

18.3.2016 at 22.49 - Kajaani (III)
Taisto Komulainen

It was a beautiful moonlight again.

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Quiet aurora arc

18.3.2016 at 22.45 - Kuusamo (II)
Voitto Pitkanen

Northern lights observation from the Northeast and there from the northeast. The moonlight looked pretty dim at the time.

Images: 2 pcs

Aurora rays

18.3.2016 at 22.34 - 23.30 - Lapua (II)
Antti Rinne, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Throughout the evening, I had found the northern sky suspiciously pale. Just for fun, I went out with the camera after ten, that if there were northern lights. When I got to the scene and got the camera ready, the northern lights came on as if by order. Sometimes I did. However, they then coagulated almost as fast as they started, especially when there was a bit of poor visibility from the observation site to the lower northern horizon.

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Aurora rays

18.3.2016 at 22.34 - 22.38 - Turku (II)
Mikko Peussa, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

My camera shot a series of possible fireballs on the balcony. At. At 22.34 images, repos appeared in the north. Also visible to the eye, even though it was dim. I saw in the south when we are observers of such a northern Finland, be careful :) Bad dock photos coming into view today :) EDIT: I promised bad documentaries. Here's one, please. So the view is from a fireball hunt, which will not but produce that result at all :)

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18.3.2016 at 22.30 - Tampere (IV)
Maria Messo, Tampereen Ursa

It was a clear evening in Tampere and this is how the moon appeared beautifully at the Ursa observatory in Tampere, Kauppi. Here is a drawn lunar crater Bullialdus as well as nearby smaller craters. In the first picture, the colors of gray are close to the real colors of gray. In another "false color image", the bright parts of the craters close to the true brightness of the object observed with the eye. The third image is a softened background

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18.3.2016 at 22.30 - Masku (IV)
Olli Halme

M51 photographed on March 18, 16. Camera Canon 1000d (with mod) ISO 800 - Exposure: 31 min (12 frames)

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18.3.2016 at 22.05 - Kauhava (III)
Oskari Syynimaa, Lakeuden Ursa

Another attempt to describe the telescope with Jupiter. Surprisingly well, the surface details can be seen with about a small tube. Stack of 150 squares.


18.3.2016 at 22.00 - 22.10 - Kouvola (IV)
Ari Ollikainen, Konut tählet, Jaala

Jupiter, Europa and Io in gusts of wind, but seeing just moderate at times. The tube of the association is on an azimuthal pedestal, but the planetary image seems to do just fine.

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18.3.2016 at 22.00 - Jyväskylä (III)
Niko Hokkanen, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

It was clear and the moon was high, so I decided to shoot it at a slightly higher magnification. The surface of the moon vibrated quite a lot in the telescope, but stacking the video still gave a relatively successful picture. Admittedly not very accurate because there was too much magnification.

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Active aurora band

18.3.2016 at 22.00 - 04.00 - Tampere (III)
Jouni Raunio, Tampereen Ursa

Friday night's northern lights recorded by TaUsra's northeast weather camera.

Quiet aurora arc

18.3.2016 at 21.58 - 00.31 - Ikaalinen, Sisättö (II)
Heidi Rikala, Ursa (Helsinki)

Northern lights for a change. The delicate greenery was already visible at 21.58, but deliveries began in 22.42 countries. These were not very strange, but the feeling was that now let’s take it all out of them. It was a challenge when the repos showed up for a while and then it was quiet. I waited persistently and yes they came back again. This alternation then continued. The play started just fine with bright and active fires, but then they didn't get any better. The arch was very low at the time of the gathering. The supply was very good, I got along well in the field without sinking. T...

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Quiet aurora arc

18.3.2016 at 21.40 - Tuusniemi (II)
Erkki Antikainen

The weather was good for observation, but you will not but become strange.

Kuun kehä

18.3.2016 at 21.06 - Kittilä (IV)
Mikko Lönnberg

In the midst of northern lights shooting, small cloud rafts drifted in the sky, giving the hearing pretty fine and bright circles!

Images: 3 pcs

Diffuse glow

18.3.2016 at 21.00 - Laitila (I)
Pirjo Koski

About this time. Did not cause a phenomenon of confusion or unbridled endless regulation, but I walked calmly to the observation site and left even more dignified and restrained ... this time: D

Half-sky auroras

18.3.2016 at 20.55 - 00.15 - Kittilä (IV)
Mikko Lönnberg

18.3 was again a finer performance in the sky.

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18.3.2016 at 20.50 - Helsinki (IV)
Juha Järvenpää

For a long time, I periodically dig a large and laborious tube to photograph the basement. The weather was relatively nice, so it was worth photographing.


18.3.2016 at 20.28 - Lempäälä (III)
Ari Haavisto, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Clavius is 225x225 km in size and contains several smaller craters. The larger image also shows the area south of Clavius.

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18.3.2016 at 20.26 - Tampere (III)
Maria Messo, Tampereen Ursa

Jupiter with its gas belts and its four moons were comfortably visible at the Kauppi observatory in Tampere through a telescope on a clear Friday night. Moons since Jupiter Ganymedes, Io, Europa, Kallisto The arrow points to the south, not north as the image is incorrectly drawn

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18.3.2016 at 20.18 - Lempäälä (IV)
Ari Haavisto, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Copernicus stumbled close to the terminator as if inviting the scenery to look at the "vista tongue" on its edge. Hopefully one day we will see a picture taken on the spot, even though the Moon seems to curve so sharply as a small sphere that the opposite edge can't be seen? At least I remember that an observer standing in the middle of the crater would not see the crater ramparts because they are left behind the horizon.

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NGC 2371

18.3.2016 at 20.05 - Oulu (I)
Jaakko Asikainen, Oulun Arktos

Whether it’s great to finally get to shoot, there have been really few weather events this year. I took this planetary, originally named the two NGC objects, found in the center of the constellation of Gemini. The subject is really dim and small, and it didn't help at all that the moon was below 10 degrees from the subject. For more information:

Starry sky image

18.3.2016 at 19.50 - 20.50 - Varkaus (IV)
Esa Kärkkäinen

Slightly wider picture. During yesterday's meal trip, the camera rattled for an hour on the beach, shooting in the direction of Orion. Pikkanen meant to be disturbed by the rising moon and light pollution in the city, but some version was born now. There is a bit of a search for widescreen field post-processing. This is an initialization with Pixinsight and a finishing touch with a lightroom.


18.3.2016 at 19.10 - Hamina (IV)
Ari Hämäläinen

I tried shooting the moon on a normal camera tripod. Camera Canon 7D Mark 2 lens Sigma 120-300 f2.8 + 2x extension.


18.3.2016 at 18.53 - Kouvola (III)
Tero Sipinen

A relatively rare event: I photographed the Moon. This time I didn’t try to stack, single shot only.

Mare Nubium ja Mare Cognitum

18.3.2016 at 18.52 - Kauhava
Elina Niemi, Lakeuden Ursa

I went through the spring moon videos and I still found this.

Rupes Recta

18.3.2016 at 18.32 - Kauhava
Elina Niemi, Lakeuden Ursa

I had already thrown this away because the video was so shaky due to the high magnification and manual tracking. I removed the bad boxes and got some sort of picture.


18.3.2016 at 18.30 - Espoo (IV)
Juha Perälä

A single image from the focal plane of a 120/1000 lens, shot in bright time.

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