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Kuu ja Jupiter

22.3.2016 at 00.24 - Tuusula (III)
Juho Kinnunen

The moon and Jupiter were nicely seen side by side. Jupiter also shows a few moons in the picture.

Kuu ja Jupiter

21.3.2016 at 21.50 - 22.00 - Helsinki, Pornaistenniemi (III)
Veikko Mäkelä, Ursa (Helsinki)

The moon and Jupiter were close on Monday night. I tried to capture the witch, but there were again a few problems with the appropriate exposures and focus. Here, however, is documentation of what happened.

Kuu ja Jupiter

21.3.2016 at 19.25 - Ikaalinen, Sisättö (III)
Heidi Rikala, Ursa (Helsinki)

Moon and Jupiter photographed in the early evening. In the first picture, the moons of Jupiter are also faintly visible. The fourth picture shows the Moon alone. Can this still be called an encounter like this early in the evening?

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Kuu ja Jupiter

21.3.2016 at 22.30 - Kotka (III)
Minna Rissanen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

The moon and Jupiter appeared at half past eleven from my balcony, and I got a couple of flaps taken. When shooting, I didn’t even realize that with a slightly longer exposure I got Jupiter’s moons in the pictures, I was pleasantly surprised when I transferred the pictures to the machine.

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Kuu ja Jupiter

22.3.2016 at 06.03 - Tampere (IV)
Emma Wälimäki

Clear skies, sleet -15 degrees on a calm frosty night. The frost was so icy that I was content to describe the rise of Saturn and Mars from the southeast to the morning sky, the Moon and Jupiter, and the rather spectacular fall of the Moon above Jupiter.

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Moon and Jupiter

21.3.2016 at 22.16 - Turku (I)
Mikko Peussa, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

After the halos, the Moon and Jupiter began to disappear behind a thin gauze, but I still decided to grab one square to commemorate that encounter as well. Jupiter might already have a little circle around it, but is there probably just something artifact around?

Kuu ja Jupiter

21.3.2016 at 21.56 - Kuusamo (III)
Voitto Pitkanen

The moon and Jupiter encountered in the reflection of snow crystals, i.e. some kind of halo phenomenon was observable. In the clearing sky later.

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Kuu ja Jupiter

21.3.2016 at 21.46 - Rautalampi (III)
Vesa Vauhkonen, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

I tried to get five months of the same picture, with camera optics. Around Jupiter on the left Ganymedes, then Io and Europa merged into one point, and on the right the Rock. Two rapid successive exposures without moving the camera, i.e. the Moon relative to Jupiter, are in the right place. From the more sensitive exposure of the stars in the background sky.

Kuu ja Jupiter

21.3.2016 at 21.00 - Mäntyharju (IV)
Markku Siljama, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

The moon and Jupiter close together in the sky at the bottom of the constellation Leo. I was wondering if the right category was the encounter of celestial bodies? Can be fixed. Anyway, really pretty Spring work, bright moonlight, clear, frost -10 degrees, the lake rays and rattles in the background, otherwise completely quiet, only the owl rumors were missing ..

Kuu ja Jupiter

19.3.2016 at 21.38 - Alliku küla, Viro (III)
Petteri Lyytinen

For a long time, the sky meant to be almost clear, so I tuned the camera to the balcony to record the evening’s offerings. The cell was captured by 89% of the moon, the Moon and Jupiter (this observation) and Orion descending over the neighboring house.

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