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Rocket-related clouds

11.11.2016 at 23.29 - Muonio (V)
Kari Autto

The phenomenon of light in the sky interrupted the observation of the northern lights, at first I thought it was a comet, but maybe some rocket. Quite calmly but decisively it progressed towards the north. #rakettivaihe: Centaur AV-062

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Rocket-related clouds

11.11.2016 at 23.28 - 23.35 - Tampere (III)
Emma Bruus, Kari A. Kuure, Jouni Raunio, Tampereen Ursa

I happened to moderate the Observer's observations quite late on 11.11. and I drew my attention to the observation of a comet-like revelation in the northern sky. I ignored the matter at first glance in connection with one of the ongoing air war drills. As several observations surprisedly dropped, the instinct began to say that this was now about something else. It was clear that the song had traveled slowly over Finland at a pace that did not correspond to a fireball or an airplane. I immediately researched Kiruna and Plesetsk launch schedules, flight radars, and other standard locations ...

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Rocket-related clouds

11.11.2016 at 23.28 - 23.37 - Helsinki (IV)
Georg Kieninger

After seeing the observation of the rocket launch on the Sky Watch page, I checked my last photos once again. And from 11.28 pm there was a line of light moving slowly to the north. I didn’t pay attention to it right away because I thought it was an airplane. However, airplanes "disappear" from the images much faster and most often leave red-white dots (as in Figure 2, here the rocket line in question is above the cranes). However, this streak of light was visible for less than 10 minutes. In Figure 3, the light line is no longer very faintly above the smaller chimney. Gif file from the observ...

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Rocket-related clouds

11.11.2016 at 23.28 - Muonio (IV)
Joni Uusitalo

the phenomenon of light I noticed as I went out to look at the clear starry sky and the moon. Apparently the launcher phase. Appeared from the observation for about 15 min and progressed north. Unfortunately, there was no camera available other than a cell phone. #raketti: Centaur AV-062

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