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14.11.2016 at 19.00 - Oulu, keskusta (II)

A little too late to get to work, the moon still visible in the market car park was super classy, when we got to the camera, the clouds had taken over the stage. However, something still stood out through the cloud - another image shows the cloudiness that soon covered the moon completely.

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14.11.2016 at 16.40 - 18.00 - Turku (III)
Mikael Pekkala, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Super moon observed from the Marjaniemi bird tower in Ruissalo. At first I assumed the sky was so cloudy that nothing was visible, but luckily I was wrong. When the clock came at 4:40 p.m. Then I only realized that it is the moon :) Images slightly processed, including light added to the dark and bright spots dimmed. Lens color defects reduced. The noise is pretty loud in the pictures I took with PowerShot and I didn’t start to remove it terribly.

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14.11.2016 at 16.20 - Kuusamo
Heikki Ketola

The super moon rose on schedule according to the time of 16, but to a very cloudy skyline. Fortunately, little by little, it became clear, and the clouds sailing to the scene were thinner clouds of fog that filtered the moon too bright for photography. Thanks to the clouds, the details of the moon became visible from time to time. In addition, the clouds colored the surroundings of the moon in strange shades.

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14.11.2016 at 20.13 - Ikaalinen, Sisättö (III)
Heidi Rikala, Ursa (Helsinki)

The Super Moon came as expected when the Moon from the sky ... but the disappointment was hand-touched — a cloud of cloud all day. No Moon Rise and nothing more wonderful to see. Eventually, after about 8 p.m., the clouds cracked so much that I still saw that Moon. There wasn't much to say then, the clouds flew over the Moon quickly, and eventually the Moon was no longer visible. A few frames, and the camera did not focus properly due to cloud movement. Pictures at 8 pm.

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14.11.2016 at 16.29 - Ii (IV)
Jorma Kauppi

It was still cloudy Iissa the day before, so the super moon shot I was planning seemed to fail. But on Monday, the sun shone beautifully and I hoped it would continue until the afternoon. I had looked at a good place on the TPE where you can see the moonrises, etc. I went to the upper channel of the power plant where there would be good visibility. And so to my delight, the mollusk began to rise after four! I'm glad I got the pictures, even if my fingers froze :)

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Kuun kehä

14.11.2016 at 21.15 - Turku (III)
Paula Mattila, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

After rising for a long time, the moon was behind a thin cloud curtain and surrounded by a fine circle.

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14.11.2016 at 21.30 - Huittinen (IV)
Auvo Korpi

Super moon. The sky opened for about an hour, this ‘confusing spectacle’ was captured. Snapshot, handled with care.


14.11.2016 at 21.55 - Kauhava (III)
Oskari Syynimaa, Lakeuden Ursa

The moon photographed through a thick cloud cover.


14.11.2016 at 19.21 - Tampere (II)
Kari A. Kuure, Tampereen Ursa

In Tampere, the cloud cover thinned so much that the "super moon" appeared from time to time through the clouds. I could say fortunately, because my long-term project has been to get a real comparative picture of the apparent size variation of the Moon during the full moon. Now it was even partially successful, although when shot through the clouds, the image became unusually poor quality. Here is the result and, as a comparison, a picture taken with the same camera on January 15, 2014, when the time to the full moon was still 11 h 13 m.

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14.11.2016 at 23.54 - Ilmajoki (III)
Marko Myllyniemi, Lakeuden Ursa

Around the moon, a rather colorful circle appeared in the clouds, to which these cell phone camera pictures bring full justice.

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14.11.2016 at 23.59 - Ilmajoki (V)
Marko Myllyniemi, Lakeuden Ursa

As soon as I left work, I found that the full-cloud guess of the "Air Guessing Institute" was not true and the sky was clear! And of course not the camera included, because it had to be * cloudy *! The thoughts were quite unphasable at that point, and the more unpopular they became towards the cabin by the time the Cloud in the sky increased. I got into the car park and checked the contents of the mailbox, after which I quickly hurled inside the camera, as the Cloud Cover wasn't very thick yet, but the Moon was visible through it quite moderately. And I succeeded: I had time to shoot about...

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14.11.2016 at 23.30 - Turku (I)
Mikko Peussa, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

The Moon, highly advertised by the media, occasionally appeared behind "super clouds." Another more unpleasant sighting experience on this trip was following a roe deer in Ruissalo, whose other hind leg was apparently broken. The joint bent completely wrong as it walked quietly close to me. It was a pity for a beautiful animal, but nature will certainly take care of it quickly. Apparently a traffic jam?

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14.11.2016 at 16.00 - Vihanti (IV)
Mikko Silvola

The super moon seemed lazy and didn't seem to be able to let go of the horizon, but it rose as if it had finally risen. For a long time it looked like the shape side, would it be due to the temperature layer of some sort? Well, the situation looked so handsome that it almost made me forget the cold, rather biting wind at the top of the udder.

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14.11.2016 at 17.30 - Oulu
Jarno Juntunen

The moon was photographed in Oulu above the new Poikkimaantie bridge. An image is a combination of two consecutive images taken at different exposures.

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14.11.2016 at 17.02 - 17.58 - Laitila (V)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta

He didn't even dare to wait for this. Couldn’t have planned even better because the moon hasn’t had to be watched for a moment. Moka number one came at this point. So in a way. The “super moon,” a world-buzzing opportunity, would describe, but the clouds held us pretty tightly. I left already during the day to see some nice place to shoot. I looked at the same landmark, oh boys — that would work! This later turned out to be mocha # 2. At that point, meet very satisfied with the home to eat and then banana with the host. Smartphone and compass don't rely on that functionality ... After ...

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14.11.2016 at 18.15 - Pirkkala (II)
Markku Ruonala

An ordinary perimeter created by a full moon and not a super-fine superimeter created by a super moon.

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14.11.2016 at 16.50 - 17.00 - Lieto (V)
Matti Helin, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

11/14/2016 Super moon. No matter how close to the usual Moon in terms of size, it did make the photographic ideal rise. The weather did not want to favor. The whole day was partly cloudy at times, masonry in a completely gray blanket. The hopes were very small but still existed. The afternoon came. The cloud cover was promisingly cracking. It was finally four o'clock and the workday was over. I set off to drive to Lieto and there to a field opening that I had watched during the day with The Photographers Ephemeris and used it to find a place suitable for recording the rise of the Moon. I g...

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14.11.2016 at 17.50 - Kempele (IV)
Jarmo Leskinen, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

Yes, it "super moon" shines handsomely :)


14.11.2016 at 17.15 - Kuusamo (V)
Voitto Pitkanen

The weather cleared and came out ... supermoon

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