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Rare halos

10.2.2017 at 23.52 - 00.30 - Tampere (IV)
Jari Luomanen, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

With this play, I have had to rub my eyes on several occasions: in the sky, looking at pictures on the camera screen, and even at the computer on several occasions. The Lowitzs are well developed and bright. They also have weird features: there would seem to be a bit of an extra arc going down. We have had time to simulate and figure out more here, but it is challenging. We must return to this observation once again in all peace and time. EDIT: Now add a small observation report as well. : D A routine glance from the window late at night made the heart beat a little harder than usual: a thin l...

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Several halo forms

11.2.2017 at 00.20 - Tampere (II)
Tage Hauki

Also, there was such a huge ring that couldn’t fit in the picture! The whole phenomenon would probably have been more spectacular earlier in the evening ...

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Rare halos

10.2.2017 at 20.38 - Hämeenkyrö (IV)
Vesa Korhonen

Coming from the stable, I noticed the most handsome halos I had ever seen. In addition to the arches shown in the picture, just above it was a really big ring detached from the moon in the sky. As well as in the northern sky 2 rectangular greenish formations which, however, appeared symmetrical. Edit. I added a picture of what opened brighter.

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Several halo forms

10.2.2017 at 22.00 - Valkeakoski (II)
Mikko Nieminen

First, my attention was drawn to the bright artificial light pillars. As I watched them, I also noticed halos around the moon.

Several halo forms

10.2.2017 at 21.42 - Lavajärvi, Hämeenkyrö (II)
Joel Rainti, Kai Rainti

There is a large halo around the moon, and another at a 90 degree angle from the moon. Looks like a ring.

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