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2.3.2017 at 20.58 - Enontekiö (III)
Sirpa Pursiainen

Great northern lights show in Raattama last night / last night. Pink dance, forming stunning patterns, filling more than half of the sky.

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Half-sky auroras

2.3.2017 at 20.30 - Utsjoki (IV)
Antero Isola

Colorful and powerful repos. Maybe visible for a couple of hours until he pulled the sky into the cloud. Handsome show.

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Half-sky auroras

2.3.2017 at 20.28 - Inari (IV)
Hánno Länsman

In the bitter frost, from my mother’s tip, I went to the backwater to watch. At first there was only one belt, but finally about half the sky was covered with green belts. Next to the moon, Venus and Mars in the northern lights belt was a view that would have been nice to get a decent camera image. Here, however, I got the best images of the Northern Lights so far with a shutter speed of four seconds.

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Half-sky auroras

2.3.2017 at 20.20 - Muonio, Särkitunturi (IV)
Olli Selin, Lahden Ursa

My friend and I went to Särkitunturi to shoot from 8:20 pm to 9:45 pm. At first it became pretty and handsome. Found today in Finland.

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Half-sky auroras

2.3.2017 at 20.00 - 03.00 - Muonio (IV)
Mikko Lönnberg

Here would be a few pictures from the second night of the Northern Lights trip. The standard shooting locations of that Pallas-Yllästunturi National Park are already starting to repeat themselves, so you had to try to look for a different angle, not when snowshoes on your feet and climbing to the top of Lommoltunturi. even better, I'll leave something to remember :) When I reached the upper slope, the arches started to intensify and spread over a wider area, the highest arches already crossed Otava, which is a sign of intensifying the show. The words of the curse echoed in such a quiet nig...

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