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Auroras seen through breaks in the clouds

22.4.2017 at 00.40 - 02.00 - Hyvinkää (II)
Kari Rytilahti

Northern lights from cloud holes, an active arc of northern lights, northern lights, and a collision of satellites in one image were the night observation of the balance of the trip.

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Quiet aurora arc

22.4.2017 at 00.10 - Kaarina (II)
Jukka Heikkilä

This winter, these northern lights have been enough for the south as well. Clouds covered one of the countries in it.

Active aurora band

22.4.2017 at 01.25 - Askola (III)
Ville Wiik

After the sauna, I was cooling off in the backyard and going to bed. However, the warping of the northern sky disagreed and forced us to put on clothes and run to the observation site with the camera. And it's good that I went. However, the last repos of this season will probably be in time. As I observed, I also noticed that above the belt, the dim Northern Lights “rippled,” meaning that in steady cycles they brightened and dimmed wavy. That flaming Northern Lights is then the right subclass. The second image is a panorama of three images.

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Half-sky auroras

22.4.2017 at 01.00 - 02.00 - Muurame, Saarenkylä (IV)
Arto Oksanen, Jyväskylän Sirius

Spring was still surprising with bright northern lights. The brightest green curtains glistened in the sky when I arrived at the observation site, but of course they disappeared before I got the camera on the tripod. Lots of movement and fast waves from the north to the zenith. In the west, upward-reaching green flames and purple rays. As the clouds increased, I stopped observing.

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Half-sky auroras

22.4.2017 at 00.50 - Laukaa (IV)
Tarja Kouvo

The familiar beach, the familiar calm arch was visible before midnight. Now the arc was just higher than normal. It was again a long time of wonder between the arch, seen in two, intensifying, but being a quiet mass. Then all of a sudden! The whole half of the sky was full of moving belts, rays, some colors seemed reddish to me, even the momentum was moving. Hiljeni. Lightning-fast flashes of light almost started on my head, at first I thought my eyes were tired ... they weren't, between them a flash flashed in a pale cloud of northern lights, between somewhere in an empty spot. There was ...

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Quiet aurora arc

22.4.2017 at 00.52 - 02.12 - Helsinki (II)
Georg Kieninger

Last night, northern lights were visible until Helsinki for more than an hour. The best stage was around 1:24 - 1:58, before and after the northern lights were really dim and barely stand out in the photos. Location Hietalahti.

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Aurora rays

22.4.2017 at 00.56 - 00.59 - Turku (II)
Mikko Peussa, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Pretty comfortably fluttered in the middle of the light pollution. A series of images recorded from a balcony railing.

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Half-sky auroras

21.4.2017 at 23.49 - Kyyjärvi, Saunakylä (IV)
Antero Ohranen

I glanced at the predictions and took a test picture of the crack in the door, the northern lights there! At first there was such a calm arc, but then it turned out to be quite a firing! I haven’t photographed repos so late in the spring before! In other words, it had its own record :) there were quite special pictures, while at the same time the pearl of the pearl owl was heard and the barn owl also announced itself!

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All-sky aurora

22.4.2017 at 01.00 - Pielavesi (V)
Tuija Liunala

at the head the sky was blowing purple, a large cluster of clouds in the northern sky obscured the visibility but that too eventually gave up and disappeared from ruining the heavenly fireworks

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Half-sky auroras

22.4.2017 at 00.05 - Uurainen (IV)
Erkki Rauhala

At this height in Central Finland, the darkness of the night is already beginning to be low. Shortly before midnight, I went outside, and in the pale northern sky I noticed a dim arc of northern lights that brightened for a moment. At times you become dimmed into a steady gauze, but at one time it brightened again. At its best, the reposet rose to more than half the sky.

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Half-sky auroras

22.4.2017 at 01.03 - 01.53 - Mäntyharju (IV)
Jukka Kytömäki

So it just became clear sky for one hour and the blacksmith was enough this time. Northern lights are diverse and the most spectacular for me this year. For a while there were rapidly moving waves towards the zenith and at the same time those spots below the spots. Violets galore and rose high. Images are in shooting order.

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Half-sky auroras

22.4.2017 at 00.50 - 01.30 - Sysmä (IV)
Arja-Sisko Airila, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Fine northern lights extending over half the sky shone at their best after one o'clock. High rays rose to zenith, where the dimmer Korona swirled. Some of the rays extended to the constellation of Leo. Visually, the rays showed purple, otherwise the northern lights were mostly green. The entire northern hemisphere glowed green. At the end, fast waves rose from the horizon all the way to zenith, the real disco lights of the sky stamped. Then clouds came and covered the sky. Picture taken at 12:51 with a pocket hand.

Quiet aurora arc

21.4.2017 at 23.59 - Lappeenranta (II)
Roope Luukkainen, Etelä-Karjalan nova

The calm arc of northern lights gleamed handsily between the rays. The owl shouted somewhere nearby and the mist rose. Too bad the clouds came to the fore before they brightened properly.

Active aurora band

21.4.2017 at 23.00 - Lieto (III)
Matti Helin, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Stir Edit. The whole thing: The northern lights were great. This was surprising because the solar wind from the corona opening should not have arrived yet. It later became clear that this was as obviously the case as 19.4. the side hit of the mass discharge of the popped corona. The evening arrived and, contrary to the weather forecasts, was clear. I left for the river bank. The echo of the sun illuminated the northern horizon, from which two things soon began to rise; Northern lights and clouds. They rose unfortunately at the same time. Soon the northern sky was under a ragged cloud cover, th...

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