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Total solar eclipse

21.8.2017 at 14.38 - 14.40 - Greenville, Etelä-Carolina, Yhdysvallat (V)
Jarmo Kalaoja

We watched the eclipse in the supermarket yard in a convertible. A few other observers on site. Blackout glasses had been purchased in advance, but they were distributed e.g. at a local beer bar. I had decided to leave the filming to others. The predicted partly cloudy disappeared completely during the partial phase and the sky was cloudless. In the darkened Sun, redness of protuberances was noticeable to the naked eye, mostly at the top right. Venus was already visible in the final bubble of the partial phase. The sky is not completely dark, e.g., Regulus was not visible. Even the HDR images ...

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Total solar eclipse

21.8.2017 at 12.35 - 13.45 - Makanda, Illinois, Yhdysvallat (V)
Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Blackout I had decided to try Janne Pyykö's idea of a blackout statue with Marko on the second camera in the middle of the perfect phase. The main camera would capture a wide-angle view of the local landscape in the usual way. I focused my walks on making sure the main camera had all the settings in place. The eclipse here would last a little over two minutes, so in the middle of an event, you shouldn’t spend time honing your settings. Had the change in Kansas City’s weather to cloudy not mixed up the plans, the setting side with its landscape choices would have been well prepared days in ...

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Total solar eclipse

21.8.2017 at 12.14 - 13.34 - Hopkinsville, Kentucky, Yhdysvallat (V)
Antti Mäkelä, Pasi Ojala, Satu Mäkelä, Laura Mäkelä, Tampereen Ursa

Tracking the eclipse near the centerline at the local gas station parking lot. Getting there was no problem, but getting off took a 250-mile journey closer to 11 hours. The gas station provided a good framework for monitoring the progress of the eclipse elsewhere in the United States in the form of its public television. A few whimsical clouds during the partial phase but otherwise completely clear. Someone decided to combine fireworks with the perfect stage. Addition from Satu Mäkela: In front of our blanket was a couple watching their first eclipse. They admired the quietly darkening sun. In...

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Total solar eclipse

21.8.2017 at 11.58 - 14.54 - Gallatin, Tennessee, Yhdysvallat (V)
Samuli Vuorinen, Kirkkonummen komeetta

We were with Susanna Taivalsalmi, Lauri Kangas and Tuure Laurinoll to observe a complete solar eclipse in Gallatin, Tennessee, USA. At least Lauri will still make his own observation of the Sky Guard. The day before, Lauri and I went to look for suitable observation sites for the eclipse. Our place to stay was in the blackout zone, but by traveling closer to the center line, an eclipse lasting up to 20 seconds was achievable. The best candidates seemed to be either Springfield or Gallatin. Based on the weather forecasts for the darkening morning, we ended up leaving for Gallatin. Severe conges...

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Total solar eclipse

21.8.2017 at 11.38 - 11.40 - Casper, Wyoming, Yhdysvallat (V)
Jari Saukkonen, Kirkkonummen komeetta

Thus, for the first time, experiencing a complete eclipse was truly a stopping experience. We had chosen an event center in Casper as our location, where we were able to watch the eclipse comfortably from the grass field with hundreds of other people. The center was naturally open, offering facilities as well as food and drink. There was also a lot of media there - after the eclipse, we got to be interviewed on local television as Finns. As the last rays disappeared behind the moon, the joy of the people filled the area. The glow of the corona and the pungent brightness of the diamond ring wer...

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Total solar eclipse

21.8.2017 at 10.19 - 10.21 - Madras, Oregon, Yhdysvallat (V)
Janne Pyykkö

I traveled with my cousin’s son (Petja) to Madras, Oregon to watch the complete eclipse. At the time of filming, the Israeli Alan joined us. There was a fog in the sky left by forest fires, which cut off the bright colors from the background of the photographs, but through which the eclipse was still visible. The best part about a complete solar eclipse is that it cannot be exhaustively explained in words, photographs, or movies. However, many try, if only to reach the 10% of the experience that is possible to capture into images - like me and Alan in these images. :) More here: https://avisuo...

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Total solar eclipse

21.8.2017 at 10.17 - 11.38 - Palisades, Idaho, Yhdysvallat (V)
Olli Lyytinen

Our vacation trip in America culminated in seeing complete eclipses. We selected a public outdoor area under the Palisades Reservoir in Idaho as the observation site. There were numerous other spectators of the eclipse, but nowhere near the kind of crowd that was a little feared by the locals. The sky was almost cloudless and the eclipse itself was magnificently visible completely unobstructed. Just before the start of the perfect phase, the movement of the shadow ribbons was nicely visible on the ground. During the perfect phase, Venus was clearly visible on the right side of the darkened Sun...

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Total solar eclipse

21.8.2017 at 09.30 - 13.00 - Smiths Ferry, Idaho, Yhdysvallat (V)
Kari Helander, Ursa (Helsinki)

Here on August 21, 2017, screenshots of the peaceful and idyllic Smiths Ferry in Idaho, USA. The images were taken with the Panasonic HC-V520 camcorder as still images and some as a video capture. Note. in the direction of 7 a.m. is the Regulus, which stood out well in both the images and the video image. In addition, birds or bats can be seen against the crown at the perfect stage. An unexpected phenomenon was the rapid drop in air temperature during the complete phase. It was also interesting to observe sunspots as the eclipse progressed. The contrast and tones of the images could still be a...

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Total solar eclipse

9.3.2016 at 09.51 - Ternate Utara, Indonesia (V)
Janne Pyykkö

The perfect phase of the eclipse was visible on the island of Ternate in Indonesia behind the clouds, which did not prevent the experience of eclipse, but nevertheless cut off the best blade from the colors of the sky. Two men climbed the palm tree, Ete and Jabu. You can read about how the arrangements and contacts came about here I got two valid pictures, which, when quickly processed, I put here. I thank the awesome team of local people I have worked with here at Ternate.

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Partial solar eclipse

20.3.2015 at 11.00 - 13.16 - Helsinki (IV)
Sami Leclercq, Ursa (Helsinki)

My first eclipse. It was a great experience, although the cloud mass was a bit distracting. Too bad I won’t see any complete eclipses in my life. Next only in 2126. I calculated that the eclipse could, in theory, be seen by my grandchildren closer to their retirement years. Hopefully then it will be cloudless!

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Total solar eclipse

20.3.2015 at 09.12 - 10.32 - Midvagur, Färsaaret (V)
Marko Karkulehto

At the start of the darkness at 08:38 UTC it rained heavily and there were low clouds. It felt hopeless. The rain stopped and I got the first pictures of the cloud curtain at 9:12 (about 50%). I had been accommodated in a private house. Their son was constantly on the phone with the others. They drove around in the car and got to a good place. They said that there is usually no talk of the weather here, when it can change quickly, but now information was constantly being sent about it. Nowhere was said to be a good place, otherwise when I was where I was. There could be a good chance to see. T...

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Total solar eclipse

3.11.2013 at 17.23 - Gulu Municipality, Uganda (V)
Janne Pyykkö

I arrived in Gulu (Uganda) by bus on November 2, 2013 at 4 pm and booked a hotel room. Along the streets of Maleks, looking for a suitable local subject that I could attach to a solar eclipse photo. A local resident (university student) asked if I was lost? I explained what I’m doing and told you that that adjacent tree looks really good, but I can’t attach it to the blackout photo because there are also electrical wires next to it that ruin the image. So I have to keep searching. At the same time, heavy rain began. We stayed to chat under the adjacent canopy, waiting for the rain to stop. Ire...

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Total solar eclipse

14.11.2012 at 06.40 - Mulligan Highway, Queensland, Australia (V)
Veli Matti Pelttari, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

Figure 1: PB135449 Settings: 1/500 ƒ / 8 ISO 200 300 mm - Sunspots in a partially darkened Sun. Figure 2: PB135461 Settings: 1/500 ƒ / 8 ISO 200 300 mm - Reddish tongues at the edge of the sun, protuberances. Figure 3: PB135466 Settings: 1/80 ƒ / 8 ISO 200 300 mm - Yellowish Crown of the Sun, which appears at long exposures 1/80, Baily's pearls at short 1/500. Figure 4: PB135467 Settings: 1/80 ƒ / 8 ISO 200 300 mm - Diamond ring

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Total solar eclipse

14.11.2012 at 06.39 - Mulligan Highway, Queensland, Australia (V)
Pasi Albert Ojala

Due to the bad weather forecast for Cairns and the nearby coast, i.e. the threat of clouds and rain, we headed inland by bus (the acquisition of which can tell a story) and found a suitable place in time to see when the sun and moon meet at 14 degrees. The already partially darkened sun rose behind a small mountain, and continued to rise until it was completely darkened. Our large group of observers (as well as other people in the same place) saw the shadow strips, I myself was focused on filming and becoming photographed. Venus was still visible in the sky, as usual, long after the perfect ph...

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Total solar eclipse

14.11.2012 at 06.38 - Mulligan Highway, Queensland, Australia (V)
Jukka Ruoskanen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Despite the inclement weather, the eclipse was visible! You just had to move far enough from the coast inland to get under a clear sky. I ended up at a landscape viewing spot called Bob’s Lookout, which was supposed to be closed by the police. For some reason, however, this was not the case, and there was another column going between the road and the cliff. It suddenly filled up when I parked my rental car on it. The place was great to spot. The light overhead cloud was a bit of a nuisance during the perfect phase, but I didn’t choose - after all, I managed to dodge the lower and middle clouds...

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Total solar eclipse

14.11.2012 at 06.38 - Mulligan Highway, Queensland, Australia (V)
Emma Bruus, Tampereen Ursa

Our group of 44 traveled to the lottery the night before and decided to head towards the interior of Australia. We parked a busload of Finns in a dry bush next to a group of Americans. We had all come to the same conclusion and mobilized out from under a cloud curtain threatening the coast. A partial eclipse appeared immediately after sunrise. The perfect phase at 6:38 took just two minutes, but it was still three times longer than the previous 2002 eclipse I had seen in Australia . In the midst of the eclipse, Otto Snellman shouted from behind "Shadow shadow strips!". I raised my hand up and ...

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Total solar eclipse

14.11.2012 at 06.38 - Mulligan Highway, Queensland, Australia (V)
Toni Veikkolainen, Keski-Uudenmaan Altair

I was part of the Finnish eclipse observation team that arrived in the northeast of Australia. The weather forecasts from the previous night showed heavy clouds and even rain on the coast. However, there was no reason to panic, as the bus service left at 2:20 inland. Near the village of Mount Carbine, there was still time to admire the beauty of the southern starry sky. We are looking for a suitable eclipse observation site even after the partial phase has begun. Eventually, we ended up in dry terrain dotted with eucalyptus trees near Maitland Downs Airport. The view to the east was mountainou...

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Total solar eclipse

14.11.2012 at 06.38 - Australia, Cairnsista noin 200 km länteen (V)
Juhani Laurila

Great sky show!

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Total solar eclipse

14.11.2012 at 06.38 - Cairns, Australia (V)
Timo Kyttä, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

We had a rental car at our disposal, but the previous day’s reconnaissance trip along the beach to the north made me cringe at night because the stops were poor and in the dark and perhaps congested on the left, driving was suspected only a couple of days after my own drive. Afterwards it was annoying that I should have just left in the morning to drive there to the highlands, but it was so ok. So we went to Cairns waterfront boulevard, to which there was also transport from the hotels. The day before, I heard comments that the hills to the east are quite cloud magnets, but let's try ... T...

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Total solar eclipse

22.7.2009 at 09.33 - 09.40 - Hangzhoun lahti, Kiina (V)
Henrik Herranen, Emma Bruus, Tampereen Ursa

Our Pop and Space magazine pop-up left early in the morning from the Suzhou hotel base to the south to look for even a small opening in an otherwise covering cloud curtain. We stopped at a gas station after a long bridge over Hangzhou Bay. The field of the gas station had already been occupied by a Travel Quest expedition with many busloads. Gradually the clouds completely obscured the sun from view. There is only an hour left until the start of the perfect phase and the weather forecasts for the near future seem inconsolable. Apathy takes over the eclipse travelers accumulated on the spot. Th...

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