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22.2.2018 at 19.05 - 19.09 - Tampere
Jouni Raunio, Tampereen Ursa

Falcon 9 was recorded for both images and video . #raketti: Falcon 9 FT

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22.2.2018 at 19.08 - 19.10 - Kouvola

A hazy light, smaller than the moon but larger than the stars, moved horizontally above the trees. At first it seemed like a helicopter, but there was no sound and no flashing lights. It was -15 degrees below zero so the sound should have been carried. Speed in the same class as the helicopter. #raketti: Falcon 9 FT

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22.2.2018 at 19.08 - Kaarina
Mikko Laine

I saw a strange foggy light in the sky. At first I thought it was the Moon behind the clouds, but the Moon was elsewhere. I stayed to look at the object and noticed it moving. An hourglass-shaped misty object moved slowly toward me and finally from the north past me. I couldn't estimate the distance. The direction was roughly from west to east. I thought the light was a quadcopter or something and forgot the whole thing until now I read about the Falcon launch. I think what I saw matched the description. # f9deorbit #raketti: Falcon 9 FT

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22.2.2018 at 19.11 - Taivassalo (II)
Juuso Nurmio, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

The second phase of the Falcon 9 was just visible on the edge of the sky camera image as long as you knew how to retrieve it, otherwise it would have passed. #raketti: Falcon 9 FT

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22.2.2018 at 19.06 - 19.15 - Oulunsalo
Jari Lehto

came from the jog to the yard and first watched that some plane would land at the nearby airport from the direction of Hailuoto looking north from the yard. The light approached slowly and seemed to pass in an east-west direction, coming from about 250 degrees. I followed the light for a couple of minutes and waited for the sound to be heard because there was a ball of frozen air and at least some sound from Finnhems' medical helicopter. Often it flies from the north of the field to the oys. No sound was heard and the light was greater than the normal landing light of the aircraft. In the ...

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22.2.2018 at 19.09 - 19.12 - Helsinki, Pukinmäki
Esko Lyytinen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

I didn't see the phenomenon. I got to the fireball camera and shows up in two 2 minute snapshots. This is the case when the Falcon 9 rocket is braked on the second track at an altitude of about 500 km. Shown in the pictures on the left between the trees. #raketti: Falcon 9 FT

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22.2.2018 at 19.09 - Jyväskylä (III)
Markku Nykky, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I was out in the evening walking in my chores when I noticed an object resembling a pole halo that I photographed with a cell phone camera. Alongside this, my attention was drawn to the foggy light moving northward in the western sky, which staggered because it could not be an airplane because it did not flash and was considerably larger and brighter than the light of an airplane. It was as if about a crescent moon had been behind a thin gauze and thanked in the sky. The target was moving steadily just like the speed of a low-speed helicopter on a fairly low horizon. When I then noticed that t...

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22.2.2018 at 19.05 - Mikkeli (IV)
Aki Taavitsainen, Mikkelin Ursa

The second phase of the Falcon 9 launch vehicle, shot from the Ursa observatory in Mikkeli, traveled spectacularly in the western sky. #raketti: Falcon 9 FT

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22.2.2018 at 19.11 - 19.08 - Uusikaupunki
Valtteri Ruusola

A slow-moving bright ball of light from which you "pulped" hazy shimmering dust. The size of the phenomenon is about the size of a moon. Brighter than any star, but not as bright as the moon. I estimate the object is moving on the sea, in a south-north-north direction. I was shooting a video with my cell phone camera. #raketti: Falcon 9 FT

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22.2.2018 at 19.05 - 19.11 - Hankasalmi, Murtoinen (V)
Arto Oksanen, Jyväskylän Sirius

A very bright destination in the western sky of Jyväskylä after 7 p.m. Pointy and bright, moving steadily from south to north. According to an eyewitness observation, "The Brightness of the Moon." The pictures below are from the Hankasalmi allsky camera. Edit: I added the flight path of the PAZ satellite from the Hankasalmi horizon to the space of the Falcon-9 launch vehicle from Heavens-above. It hits well, but is three minutes ahead of the satellite. The canal rocket was visible on the North Sea. # f9deorbit #raketti: Falcon 9 FT

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22.2.2018 at 19.09 - Ylöjärvi (V)
Tommi Jumpponen

I also have a video if I am interested so I can find out what this is. # f9deorbit #raketti: Falcon 9 FT

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22.2.2018 at 19.13 - Juupajoki (V)
Otto Salonen

# f9deorbit #raketti: Falcon 9 FT

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22.2.2018 at 19.08 - 19.14 - Raahe (V)

I saw a ball of light in the sky that moved quite fast as the ball was quite bright but moved so fast that it disappeared in the almost cloudless sky invisible in less than 10 minutes. From the altitude I estimated that it flew at about the same altitude as the plane. The light did not flicker but was uniformly bright. #raketti: Falcon 9 FT

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