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Auroras seen through breaks in the clouds

4.11.2018 at 21.50 - 23.20 - Jyväskylä (III)
Virpi Kauko, Jyväskylän Sirius

I put these old pictures here now (2022) because the pictures taken by others that night were apparently marked with ragda. The evening was cloudy, but the reposes were so bright that they could be seen somewhat through the clouds and through the gaps. Nice shades of purple and red were visible, even with the naked eye. In the first picture (at 21:56), a separate dim red arc breaks through the cloud gap in the western sky, i.e. on the left side of the picture. I didn't notice it when I was filming, but is it SAR or RAGDA? My camera uses UTC time, which means that the EXIF times are two hou...

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Quiet aurora band

4.11.2018 at 20.30 - 21.31 - Elva, Eesti (II)
Villem Ehasalu

Moderately bright aurora borealis photographed with a phone in southern Estonia. The arch was quite calm at the beginning of the observation, towards the end the activity increased and the arch brightened significantly, and rapid movement and shape changes were visible at its lower edge. In the pictures, a possible SAR or RAGDA observation slightly above the actual aurora borealis.

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Active aurora band

4.11.2018 at 21.02 - 22.05 - Sastamala (III)
Kari Haila

I thought I was describing the SAR curve. I don't have a memory of the moment anyway.

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Över hälften av himlen täckt av norrsken

4.11.2018 at 21.22 - 22.05 - Smedjebacken, Ruotsi (IV)
Malin Englund

I saw the green northern lights clearly and clearly with the naked eye. When I took a picture, I realized that it was more than green light and I danced with happiness as it was the first time the only time I caught a red light in a picture. It was also straight south. Long large arc across the sky with red light, å. Only in the north it was green. Total happiness :) #sarg

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Aurora rays

4.11.2018 at 22.00 - 00.00 - Tervakoski (III)
Reea Lunden

Unfortunately, I don’t remember many times sar started. However, Sar was well visible and the magnificent you come. #sarg

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Quiet aurora arc

4.11.2018 at 22.50 - 00.00 - Nokia (II)
Harri Hedman

Old observation from the archive, Possible SAR observation in Nokian Kulju. November 4, 2018 at The main image is facing west, as is the next. The last one is to the east. The redness was stronger in the western sky.

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Quiet aurora arc

4.11.2018 at 19.50 - Kerava (II)
Juho Kinnunen

Again, the reposet hit the first Sunday of the month, the day when there is scout spending. Therefore, snapshots and the meeting, and after that little miracles in the sky appeared.

Active aurora band

4.11.2018 at 21.20 - 23.35 - Järvenpää (III)
Toni Veikkolainen, Keski-Uudenmaan Altair

I had thought to drive to Niemennokka to capture images of deep sky objects in reasonably warm conditions, but the northern lights captured attention this time. I quickly moved from the lawn of Niemennoka to the cliff of the north shore and got Niko Salo and Jesse Nyyssönen as the filming club. The time was great to talk. Again, green was the predominant color of the northern lights, although red was evident especially in the early stages at the bottom of the belt and in the final stages in the rays. There were also a bit of blue rays just in the best moments of the play. When the quieter phas...

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Quiet aurora arc

4.11.2018 at 21.00 - 21.30 - Pori, Noormarkku (II)
Elle-Maria Peltomäki, Porin Karhunvartijat

In the evening, pretty nice northern lights were visible for a while, so it was worth describing.

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Active aurora band

4.11.2018 at 23.00 - Kaarina (III)
Jouni Hovi

During the sauna moments, a nice repost in the sky.

Active aurora band

4.11.2018 at 21.12 - 21.39 - Valkeakoski, Tarttila (III)
Anja Haavisto, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I went to a suitable beach near the northern lights ... and it didn't take long for them to start to appear.

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Active aurora band

4.11.2018 at 19.40 - 23.20 - Helsinki (III)
Georg Kieninger

A northern lights play with two climaxes - the first a little weaker at 9:30 pm and then a staggering final climax at 11:01 pm - 11:16 pm. Figure 1 is a panoramic image compiled from three images, shooting time at about 20:40. Figures 2 and 3 were taken after 11 p.m. Northern lights extended from north to west. Location Hietalahti.

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Half-sky auroras

4.11.2018 at 19.00 - 23.30 - Akaa (IV)
Markku Ruonala

Be it an interesting northern lights play, long lasting, wide-ranging and active crowned by SAR. #sarg

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Diffuse glow

4.11.2018 at 22.00 - 22.30 - Hyvinkää (I)
Timo Inkinen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Because of SpaceWetyaher's warning, I knew to expect possible northern lights to the south, and when it became clear, I set up a telescope in the evening to photograph the starry sky and later in the evening from 22:00 to 22:20 check to see if anything appeared on the repo on the Hyvinkää horizon. The result is rather modest aurora borealis images of the evening night sky and the lower horizon. Somewhere in Ostrobothnia it might have been more beautiful, but this was also the case when I had a few years of the previous repos ...

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Active aurora band

4.11.2018 at 19.50 - 21.50 - Hyvinkää, Ahdenkallio (III)
Kari Rytilahti

The clear starry sky and the predictions of the northern lights are buzzing, so we had to go and see if something could be seen. Upon reaching the observation site, the northern sky fluttered green. 2 arches one of which rose over the big Otava. Momentary activity below the lower arc. The upper arc rose closer to the zenith during which the SAR arc also appeared to be visible. after a while the upper arch faded and spots appeared in the sky. The lower arch wobbled brightly and it looked like the show had been patted until around 21.26 the arc started to activate, offering stunning rays and dif...

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Auroras seen through breaks in the clouds

4.11.2018 at 22.25 - 23.45 - Ilmajoki (II)
Mauri Korpi, Lakeuden Ursa

Awesome northern lights, but the clouds were even more spectacular :(

All-sky aurora

4.11.2018 at 20.21 - 22.55 - Ikaalinen, Sisättö (IV)
Heidi Rikala, Ursa (Helsinki)

Huh! What a wonderful Northern Lights evening for a long time. The sky was full of repos when I came out of the sauna ... what else to do about it when I suddenly put clothes on and out in the yard with the camera. The SAR arc was also involved and I focused mainly on it. These were of the same type as the previous ones where the SAR arc was. Mainly on the southern side, next to the SAR arc, the Northern Lights spotted and a more even repo. It was then filmed, and when a beautiful dance began in the north, then at that point the lens was in fog, and then I didn't notice it - then diffuse i...

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Half-sky auroras

4.11.2018 at 21.30 - 00.00 - Rautalampi (IV)
Sari Hukka, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

Last night it felt really hard to go on a shooting trip, but when pictures of the evening's northern lights started to appear on the Northern Lights fb page, I had to gather the shooting equipment and go on a trip :) My intention was to go to the beach, The clock showed half past ten and the northern lights were clearly visible in the sky. There were quite a lot of clouds, though they were about to leave. I was already leaving home at 11pm when a decent light show started appearing in the sky!

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Half-sky auroras

4.11.2018 at 20.00 - 21.45 - Vesilahti (IV)
Mika Nieminen, Tampereen Ursa

I came home from work and was supposed to go to sleep when the next day was the morning shift, but nothing came of it when I got home at half past one and the sky was green. I took the camera with me and went to the docking place, and there were surprisingly handsome reposes. I was photographing for 1.5 hours and during the whole time the reposes did not disappear completely, but there was a continuous big arc in the high sky, surprisingly often the reposes brightened briskly and nicely they also had life and red and purple colors instead of just green. And maybe the SAR arc can be seen there ...

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Half-sky auroras

4.11.2018 at 18.31 - 22.30 - Laitila (IV)
Pirjo Koski, Tampereen Ursa

I was thinking of getting started on time and the expenditure leg was tickled comfortably already in the afternoon. The repo values looked so bad that ... Already in the backyard, when I started the car, Helloween’s song “i want out” exploded from the kayaks. Well even, reflecting the very recent situation, just over three weeks sick was finally — or well, so far behind. When I got to the field, I was already greeted by a very brisk arc. I waited for a while and the set didn't just leave. Arc yes, that is, all the time, but… Then there was a brief brisk and flop, back to a calm arc. I hope...

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