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Halo phenomena covering the sky

1.6.2019 at 06.45 - 07.20 - Kuhmo, Niemiskylä (IV)

After the rumbles and side suns, etc., only more winks began to come into the sky and more color to the right of the right side sun. My vague notion is that there could be rarer stuff, but there was what was, too much to my knowledge. Thanks, check out what they are in general! But the awesome feeling was just watching.

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Rare halos

1.6.2019 at 06.40 - 07.10 - Kuhmo (IV)

I noticed the halo phenomenon on June 1, 2019 at about 6:40 a.m. and it lasted maybe half an hour. Photographed in Kuhmo while the morning sun was shining.

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Rare halos

1.6.2019 at 05.55 - 07.20 - Kuhmo, Niemiskylä (IV)

The man woke up saying it would be photographable. I saw the brightest side sun ever from the sausage window, grabbed sunglasses for my eyes (eyes crossed anyway when I had cooked ear mushrooms late into the night) and a camera neck and tried to shoot the most amazing halo play I had ever seen until I realized I was freezing in the cold wind on my nightgown. Camera forgotten in winter time. I’m not even trying to understand with my non-existent knowledge to mean more, please check. And while those ear mushrooms are still waiting.

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Several halo forms

1.6.2019 at 05.50 - 06.15 - Siilinjärvi (II)
Kauko Pitkänen, Kuopion Saturnus

Bright side sun on the left, otherwise a weaker halo around the sun.

Several bright halo forms

1.6.2019 at 05.40 - 06.21 - Nilsiä (III)
Jouni Kiimalainen

While noticing the side suns in Nilsiä, I noticed and stopped to shoot them with only those and starting curves. I kept an eye on the phenomenon and ten minutes later the halo was enough to watch and describe.

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