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Arcus cloud

13.8.2013 at 20.05 - 20.33 - Kihniö (IV)
Esa Palmi, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Sometimes a hobby can come as a positive surprise. That’s why hobbies probably exist. Until the evening, this (even) day had provided bustling, once rolling small clouds. And in the light of the forecasts, nothing else was to be expected. But, watching the athletics in the evening and at the same time blinking from the window of the parents ’cabin, the developing mosses began to look suspiciously dark. When it got out, the developing cloud flashed the first ground lightning and the sky began to have plasticity. One that, when developed, would be good to get to the front edge. This time, withou...

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Hail in the summer season

13.8.2013 at 13.57 - Hämeenkyrö (III)
Arja Koski

We returned with the dogs from the block tour and there seemed to be a big dark oblong cloud on top of the house. The man said that today does not mean Foreca. I picked up the carpet from the tampon rack and a minute later its daily crackle began: granules. But they only came for a moment, whether for 10-15 seconds, then turned into ‘rain pouring’ from the recipients. Grain size about 2-5 mm.

Image of an exceptional thunder cloud

13.8.2013 at 06.40 - Lahti (IV)
Patrik Engström

While waiting for the bus, I noticed in the otherwise cloudless sky quite a spectacular thundercloud. The cloud was located in the west.

Image of an exceptional thunder cloud

13.8.2013 at 03.50 - Tampere
Jari Luomanen, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

In addition to the Perseids, the Northern Lights, the illuminating night clouds, and the canvases, we got to admire the night thunderstorms tonight. Have a great night! The images accumulated about 20 gigabytes. Very rarely lightning clouds, but when it struck so beautiful it was in the twilight of the morning. Maltoin only begins to photograph these closer to four o'clock when the clouds had risen more visibly on the horizon.

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Lightning photo

13.8.2013 at 03.30 - 04.00 - Espoo (III)
Panu Lahtinen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Oddly enough, I woke up at night with a thunderstorm. I had slept past two or three previous thunderstorms, but it was probably a good thing for this work day. I put the camera to rip the pictures, along with the best hits.

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

13.8.2013 at 01.30 - Helsinki (III)
Pauli Jokinen

The worship of Perseids changed several times during the night to photograph lightning. Every now and then deaf clouds popped into the sea, accumulating 1-5 flashes per cloud. Then they coagulated and at times there was almost clear and fine conditions for stargazing. Moments later, from scratch a new wave of deaf clouds took height and struck again a few lightning strikes from the anvil. This pattern was repeated throughout the evening / night.

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

13.8.2013 at 01.13 - Mikkeli (IV)
Aki Taavitsainen, Mikkelin Ursa

During the evening and night, in addition to the stargazing, I watched the magnificent lightning from the Mikkeli Ursa observatory on the southern horizon. Here is one picture of a cloud rushing through the fire.

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Image of an exceptional thunder cloud

13.8.2013 at 00.12 - Helsinki (IV)
Pentti Arpalahti

Seeing was quite satisfying for the asses, but when none hit the eye and the battery was low, I thought I'd point the camera at even a handsome thunder-cloud-like cloud in the southwest. Soon the lightning flashed from the cloud and I missed it, but the shutter was suitably open when it flashed a second time. There was no rumbling. The cloud seemed to be approaching at a fair pace and I was inches that next to the windmill masts on a high hill I guess it mightn’t be very smart to linger and I ticked down the stairs. However, I did not notice any more lightning in addition to these two flas...

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

13.8.2013 at 00.10 - 02.15 - Turku (V)
Juha Ojanperä, Porin Karhunvartijat

While watching the asses, we also admired the magnificent kalevant fire and lightning bolts that flared perhaps about every 1-2 minutes on a very low horizon in the sector between the southeast and lunch. Observers: Juha Ojanperä and Linda Laakso

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Lightning photo

13.8.2013 at 00.02 - Espoo (V)
Juha Immonen

I left to feel the situation if I had seen asses in the sky. Not just visible (at least publishable), but a rather handsome thunderstorm took its place;)

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Lightning photo

13.8.2013 at 00.01 - Helsinki (III)
Jani Poikela, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

In addition to filming asses, lightning rods came down from the sky :)

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Other storm phenomenon

12.8.2013 at 23.40 - 03.00 - Akaa (III)
Markku Ruonala

For the second consecutive night that flickered by the kalevant fire, the intensity of the previous night did not rise. And the brightness was not quite the same level, although the thunderstorms at their best were now a little closer (at least about 150 km). Overall, though, a spectacular view that was complemented by assholes and night clouds.

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

12.8.2013 at 23.10 - Turku (III)
Mikael Pekkala

The intention was to watch and photograph the starfight of the Persians from the Ruissalo bird tower, but the attention was drawn to the Kalevant fires flashing in the south and southeast. In addition to the back flickering of the clouds, a few discharge channels were also visible (Fig. 1). Figure 1 at 11:10 p.m. Figure 2 at 00:23. Figure 3 at 1:03 p.m. From the beginning of the night, there were other people present watching the sky. In addition, during the eventful night, other phenomena (including illuminating night clouds and persides) had to be seen, from which I made separate observation...

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

12.8.2013 at 23.00 - 00.00 - Salo (IV)
Mikko Peussa, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I managed to hook Perniö in front of the thunder front. I found a good place to shoot, but there wasn’t much time as the mammoth clouds approached scary and the gut was wide open. Behind them and on the sides, it rumbled and flashed violently. I got one flash shot on the cell until the heavy rain started. As I drove off the scene, I had to stop by the roadside due to the rain and then splashed a minute of hail so that the roof of the car would move. On the downhill, the road looked more like a creek than a highway. As I drove back from Perniö to Turku, I saw lightning bolts and kalevant fires ...

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Lightning photo

12.8.2013 at 22.53 - Turku (III)
Aimo Niemi, Turun Ursa

Here is a report of a failed observation attempt. The intent was to photograph a star flight flock of Perseids, but none of the 352 attempts were spiked. I tried to shoot the same area of the sky all night with continuous shooting and an 8-second shutter speed, hoping to hit one of the shots, but that plan produced a watershed. The battery lasted only a couple of hours and no hits came. Even outside the shooting range, I managed to see star flights only a few weak and a couple of brighter ones. Due to the terrain, the viewing direction was not optimal when the trees covered almost half of the ...

Other storm phenomenon

12.8.2013 at 22.40 - Espoo (II)
Antti Rinne

I had photographed the movement of the clouds on the balcony in the evening (its results there and as I collected the camera I noticed lumps in the cloud that looked like mammoths in the darkening sky. Unfortunately, the best part of the cloud had time to escape before I got the camera facing the sky again. Attached is an overexposed image of the situation that made the cloud more visible to the naked eye.

Image of an exceptional thunder cloud

12.8.2013 at 19.30 - Kouvola (IV)
Tero Sipinen

On Monday night, I noticed a so handsome Skywarden heading south that I decided to go out to the edge of the field with the camera. The anvil had time to "soften" its top a bit before I got to the open place (picture 1). After a couple of pictures I was left staring at the side sun shining in the other direction and while I looked in the direction of the cloud, it was already mostly scattered, but under it (or from behind?) A different kind of cloud had been revealed (picture 2). This new "daddy" was a pretty great revelation, a couple close-ups from the edge of the cloud in Figures 2 and 3. I...

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Other storm phenomenon

12.8.2013 at 11.15 - Siuntio (II)
Ria Susanna Lintumäki-Kuosmanen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

In Evitskog we had to drive under heavy rain. The water came as a matter of short distance and I was sure the point lightning would flash. However, it didn’t flash, but when we got out from under the cloud there were mammoths behind the cloud.

At least 10 lightning strikes seen

12.8.2013 at 11.00 - 01.00 - Porvoo, Sondby (III)
Jorma Koski, Ursa (Helsinki)

Thunder nights peppered with thunder cells in the eastern sky. Images are cropped small areas.

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

12.8.2013 at 00.40 - 02.20 - Lempäälä (II)
Tom Eklund

I was about a second away from going to bed when I imagined noticing a flash outside. I waited another couple of minutes and then flashed just fine so I couldn’t go wrong. Lights on, plugs off ears, warm wefts around the neck in the yard, right away! It would have been nice to go fresh after the holiday with a lathe, but I wouldn’t have had a dream anyway. I navigated to the observation tower of Mattila village, where Markku Ruonala and a couple of Perseid spectators were already stationed. For almost the entire observation, the horizon flashed at least once every 30 seconds. On a few occasion...

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