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Light pillars

28.12.2019 at 20.25 - 22.05 - Juva (II)
Petri Martikainen, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

In the evening I went to admire the glitter of crystals in the ice cloud caused by the snow cannons of Hasamäki. The temperature was about -14C. There were huge crystals in the air and the pillars were awesome, but other halos were hard to find. Ruksin a few, let's fix it. The vertical lines on the right side of the column in the quadrilateral are electric poles, the horizontal line is probably halo. The flashlight is below the horizon in all pictures. JPG artifacts confuse some images.

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Several halo forms

28.12.2019 at 12.40 - 13.15 - Kirkkonummi (II)
Mika Kangas

Went to the beach to get some sun after the dark days after noon and after a while there I noticed that a small rainbow (halo) started to form on the right side of the sun and after a while the left side also got a little weaker. In the place where we were, it occasionally rained a tiny little snowflake, which was apparently more above and caused the Rainbows to appear under the influence of the sun’s rays. There is also a video clip for about ten seconds on my Instagram page @mikakangas_art.

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Several halo forms

28.12.2019 at 12.22 - Varkaus (II)
Antti Myller

Photographed from the window of Pieksämäki-Joensuu Tajamajuna in Varkaus. The picture shows a bright halo phenomenon, a plane flying past and from the spot on the left I don’t know what it is.

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Several halo forms

28.12.2019 at 12.20 - Raisio (II)
Paula Mattila

The ice fogs surprised the Turku-Uusikaupunki-Turku steam train journey, but only when they were already returning to Turku, they had thought of the possibility of these in advance and so they came, but that fog ferry was very local.

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Several halo forms

28.12.2019 at 12.00 - Koikkala (II)
Anitta Sihvonen

Great halo effect. Images taken with two different cameras also show a spot of light.

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Several halo forms

28.12.2019 at 11.53 - Jämsä (II)
Jari Lampinen

The halo phenomenon was visible south of Pataniemi in the direction of Himosvuori. Downhill center snow cannon snow partially rose into the sky.

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Rare halos

28.12.2019 at 11.40 - 12.00 - Hyvinkää (IV)
Seppo Tuominen

There was still a cloud of fog at the Hyvinkää ABC service station at 11 o'clock, although it was clear elsewhere. I stopped to take pictures of the halo phenomenon visible on the spot, which in my observations is rare.

Rare halos

28.12.2019 at 11.38 - 11.38 - Janakkala (IV)

I can’t say what this is, but apparently someone.

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Rare halos

28.12.2019 at 11.30 - 11.35 - Hyvinkää (IV)
Kim Sawkins, Ursa (Helsinki)

Driving from the south, ice crystals were forming in the direction of Hyvinkää, which when coming to the scene was a spectacular halo when looking to the south!

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Rare halos

28.12.2019 at 11.05 - 10.45 - Hyvinkää (IV)
Johanna Jokinen

The wonderful sunny weather and halo effect delighted

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Halo phenomena covering the sky

28.12.2019 at 10.45 - Janakkala (IV)
Antti Pohja

In the halo phenomenon, two weak arcs were also visible in the sky on the anti-sun side, the eagle merging at the anti-sun point. Unfortunately, this did not come into play.

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Rare halos

28.12.2019 at 10.30 - 12.00 - Janakkala (IV)
Heikki Holstila

Ice mist in Janakkala, a bright halo phenomenon photographed from the top of a hill.

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Rare halos

28.12.2019 at 10.00 - 13.00 - Janakkala (IV)
Petri Holstila

Circular halo phenomenon. Not fully visible from the ground level.


28.12.2019 at 09.45 - 12.35 - Juva (II)
Petri Martikainen, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

Yesterday’s bright frosty day served fine side suns in ice fog across the home village (Figures 1-4). The glow of the lower sun also stood out in the fog. In the morning, a promising pillar was visible before sunrise and a heavy mist hovered over the lake, but the mist dissipated as soon as the sun rose and there was nothing left over when I had time to reach the beach. The back of the lake had pulled into the shiny ice the night before. On the shore side was older ice with a clear 22 ° surface halo on the surface. I photographed a couple of stacks of surface halves and tried to handle them wi...

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Several halo forms

27.12.2019 at 21.56 - 14.10 - Soini (II)
Marjo Koivula

Rainbow on the road, to the right of the sun, -9 degrees below zero. Light ball on the left side of the sun.

Light pillars

27.12.2019 at 21.10 - Kemi (II)
Markku Ruonala

A snow castle was built in Kemi, fortunately a small part of the cannon snow hovered with the wind on the mainland side and near the artificial lights, so ice fogs could form.

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One halo form

27.12.2019 at 13.51 - Lieksa (I)
Kauto Huopio

A clear halo statue in the west

Several halo forms

27.12.2019 at 13.42 - Espoo, Suurpelto (II)
Jyri Kosonen

The sun cuckoo was enthralled by the glare, I could now stay in the cloud for more than a month until my holiday begins ... In southern Espoo, even bright halos detached at low levels. Visually, I don't dare to spot anything other than standard stuff, you could luckily find Schulthesses in better pictures. The height of the ice crystals is marked as 'ice mist' even though it doesn't hover on the ground.

One halo form

27.12.2019 at 12.53 - Viitasaari (I)
Jan Salminen

observed with Viitasaari abc.

Rare halos

27.12.2019 at 12.50 - Jalasjärvi (IV)
Johanna Kihlman

While driving the car, a series of halos were seen. First the side sun on the left side of the sun, then the light pole and the upper sun, the arc began to form and finally the side sun also appeared on the right. The phenomenon lasted for a couple of minutes and changed rapidly due to the movement of the car. Pictures unfortunately with a cell phone camera through a car window.

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