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Total solar eclipse

3.11.2013 at 17.23 - Gulu Municipality, Uganda (V)
Janne Pyykkö

I arrived in Gulu (Uganda) by bus on November 2, 2013 at 4 pm and booked a hotel room. Along the streets of Maleks, looking for a suitable local subject that I could attach to a solar eclipse photo. A local resident (university student) asked if I was lost? I explained what I’m doing and told you that that adjacent tree looks really good, but I can’t attach it to the blackout photo because there are also electrical wires next to it that ruin the image. So I have to keep searching. At the same time, heavy rain began. We stayed to chat under the adjacent canopy, waiting for the rain to stop. Ire...

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3.11.2013 at 14.30 - Los Gigantes, Teneriffa, Espanja (IV)
Antti Lehto

Yesterday I reported my solar eclipse observation, but didn’t get a decent picture of it. I mentioned a thrombus that Lumia recorded pretty nicely. The image is cropped quite heavily. Fortunately, the thunderstorm passed a little from the right and the thrombus broke soon after the picture was taken. the rotation of the cloud was nicely seen.

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Partial solar eclipse

3.11.2013 at 12.59 - 15.33 - El Sao, Agaete, Gran Canaria, Espanja (IV)
Juha Mannermaa

A partial eclipse in Gran Canaria photographed through the clouds. This eclipse is not visible in Finland, so sometimes the trip unknowingly happens at the right time :) I have changed the observation time to Finland time.

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Rare halos

3.11.2013 at 09.53 - Oulu (IV)
Jarmo Moilanen, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

The morning fog already showed the side suns a little earlier. The temperature was -0.4 ° C when I noticed glittering ice crystals in the air. Soon the lower sun and even the lower side sun were clearly visible against the landscape. Admittedly, by the time I got the camera to the balcony, the underside sun had already disappeared and the lower sun was also fading. So I only got the picture from the under-sun. I don’t remember seeing ice mist like this at “zero weather” ever. The temperature varied between -0.4 and -0.6 ° C for just over five minutes, which was well visible in the ice mist.

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2.11.2013 at 10.00 - Kitee (IV)
Satu Juvonen

Gorgeous rainbow. In the cell phone panorama, the snippets did not hit exactly.

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31.10.2013 at 08.45 - Lieto (IV)
Matti Helin, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Pretty pretty morning.

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Starscape image

31.10.2013 at 06.30 - Uurainen (IV)
Erkki Rauhala

During the comet shooting, I visited the shores of a nearby lake and found that the handsome constellation of Orion, and especially the bright Sirius Bridge, needs to be captured.

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All-sky aurora

31.10.2013 at 00.30 - Kokkola (V)
Joni Virtanen

Nice, bright and fast-moving northern lights. Occasionally there were fires all over the sky and also quickly "throbbing". From their own yard, the city lights slightly disturbed the observation and filming. Great still!

All-sky aurora

30.10.2013 at 23.56 - Oulu (V)
Jaakko Alakopsa, Oulun Arktos

The awesome northern lights of Aeva! Too bad the camera is so lousy that you can't get decent pictures. Insane show!

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Half-sky auroras

30.10.2013 at 23.45 - 00.45 - Haapavesi (IV)
Jari Ylioja

At. In 21 countries I went to take the first pictures of the oval after which I decided to straighten the couch for a while. As you might guess, after falling asleep it came and at about 11:45 pm I shuddered up and immediately headed to the front door to look at the situation. The situation assessment had to be done quickly, with the pace of outerwear around the neck and out.

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Half-sky auroras

30.10.2013 at 23.38 - Oulu (IV)
Jaakko Asikainen

The brightest fires went unreported, but something still recovered. The most spectacular show was after 2300.

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All-sky aurora

30.10.2013 at 23.30 - Kempele (V)
Jarmo Leskinen, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

Whether again a great northern lights show like the observations of others has gotten to watch. Inspired by the forecasts, I went to see new shooting locations in time, and the first stop was the ferry terminal in Oulunsalo. A couple of first pictures from that place, some of the windmills were spinning at a pretty hard time, while some were in "Park". The location would have been perfect because the lights of Oulu were almost completely behind us, but the freezing wind drove me to look for new locations. The next stop was the shore of Lake Papinjärvi, where the wind was no longer a nuisance, ...

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Half-sky auroras

30.10.2013 at 23.29 - 23.38 - Oulu (IV)
Raija Ollikainen

The balcony photographer has a trip in the morning, but the packing was interrupted when I happened to look out. For lovers of foreign countries, there are now exotic gifts on a memory stick. The show started after 9pm dimly, after 11pm roared properly. I didn’t have time to turn the camera from one direction to another at a fast enough pace, constantly losing some handsome views in some direction, even just above. Northern lights were also visible from the south balcony, the pictures below are from the north side of the house. I went to peek out the window, and the repos still appear (at 12:4...

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Starscape image

30.10.2013 at 23.21 - Maaninka (IV)

Orion shone nicely through the thin gauze.

Half-sky auroras

30.10.2013 at 23.07 - 02.30 - Rovaniemi (IV)
Ville Niemelä

The all-night northern lights show, which was visible despite the city’s light pollution, is well received. The most active episodes were between 23:30 and 02:20. Beautiful to look at!

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Half-sky auroras

30.10.2013 at 23.00 - 01.30 - Pyhäntä (IV)
Tuomas Sydänmetsä

Comfortable northern lights for a long time .. Mostly green accented

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Half-sky auroras

30.10.2013 at 22.47 - Ranua (IV)
Anna-Liisa Sarajärvi

Whether it was another great night to watch the fires of heaven. Your warp almost full of the sky. There were arcs, rays and whatever kind of swirl.

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Half-sky auroras

30.10.2013 at 22.40 - 23.30 - Rovaniemi (IV)
Olli Sälevä

By bedtime, I peeked out the window and immediately the plans changed to photograph the northern lights. Clothes on and with the camera for the car and the scene. In the sky mostly green cloudy gauze, also well south of the sky. After waiting for a while, a brighter belt formed in the Otava area, after which it dimmed and I decided to stop freezing in the latter and returned home under the blanket. The night before two I peered out and still saw green repos in the middle sky. However, I no longer left to shoot.

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Half-sky auroras

30.10.2013 at 22.20 - 23.55 - Raahe (IV)
Jarkko Alatalo

The alarm readiness was realized after 10 pm. Due to the morning wake-up call, I had to stop at midnight.

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Half-sky auroras

30.10.2013 at 22.00 - Oulu, Haukipudas (IV)
Merja Ruotsalainen

22-03 your stamp with varying activity and for us we were able to enjoy the slow warping arcs, the magnificent coronos and the quick stamps directly on the top ... so there was a bit of everything on offer :)

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