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Venuksen peitto

19.6.2020 at 11.20 - Imatra (IV)
Rauno Paivinen, Etelä-Karjalan nova

Venus covered behind the moon in the daytime sky and the weather favored the observation- A small animation of the cloak’s pictures of the cover, the pictures were taken every 10s for three minutes before going into hiding.

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Venuksen peitto

19.6.2020 at 11.15 - Paimio (III)
Petrus Kurppa, Jani Laasanen, Turun Ursa

On the morning of Midsummer's Eve, together with Jani Laananen, we set out to try our luck in filming the occult of Venus. The Turew Ursa Kevola Observatory's Planewave CDK 17 "telescope and the camera ZWO's ASI120MM. The filter is also ZWO's IR pass 850. I had no previous experience of filming the occult. Three videos combined into an animation. The image is a single frame from another video that has tried to make the Moon visible so much that Venus is not overexposed.

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Venuksen peitto

19.6.2020 at 11.09 - 11.20 - Helsinki (III)
Antoine Chauveau, Ursa (Helsinki)

I had never searched for Venus so close to the Sun before, however, it was found in a few seconds through the camera. Here are a couple of pictures before the overlay, and an overlay video. The demarcation of the latter did not succeed very well, but fortunately the disappearance of Venus was completely recorded.

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Venuksen peitto

19.6.2020 at 11.18 - 11.22 - Helsinki (III)
Dennis Lehtonen, Ursa (Helsinki)

For a long time, I wanted to see the occult of the planet, and today I was able to see one. At first, it was exciting to find objects, after all, Venus and the moon are currently thin sickles (dim) and, after all, time close to the sun, so it is relatively difficult to search manually. To my big surprise, I managed to find the objects through the viewfinder in a few seconds, but when I was removing the telescope protection, I pushed the tripod and it took me at least half an hour to find the objects again. So I thought it was too good to be true. I had a very positive feeling from this day and...

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Venuksen peitto

19.6.2020 at 12.34 - Siilinjärvi (III)

There were enough gaps in the cloud cover that I could see two sickles side by side both before and after the cover. The cover itself ... was covered. The observation form asks you to put a brighter object first. I now put the Moon first, though with the help of the bright Venus, the Moon was then found in the sky. Now that’s how much a flat cloud layer is better at reflecting light than the lunar crack surface.

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Venuksen peitto

19.6.2020 at 10.40 - 11.20 - Naantali (II)
Eeva-Kaisa Ahlamo, Pirkka Suokari, Turun Ursa

Since it was not possible to include both of its means of observation in the celebration of Midsummer, the covering of Venus with the Moon had to be done by the "old-fashioned" method or by the "raw" or the naked eye. No mean feat. Miraculously, after a long search, we managed to find both Venus and the Moon in the clear day sky, and we watched as the crescent moon swept toward its unsuspecting prey. The vibration of the atmosphere always seemed to disappear from our eyes at times, but Venus remained on display all the time. Eventually, the Moon snatched the planet into its sickle, making the ...

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