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Halo phenomena covering the sky

3.8.2021 at 08.56 - 09.16 - Kittilä (IV)
Markus Sahlgren

Cheap in the Kittilä sky. In the direction of the sun and behind the back an arc, a horizon arc? Bad cell phone camera pictures ...

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Rare halos

3.8.2021 at 12.15 - 13.40 - Inari (IV)
Kalle Helenius

A very nice haloshow at the beginning of a hiking trip in the Muotkatunturi wilderness, along the Peltojoki river. The late awakening after a long drive allowed the halo show to age its own times for sure some time before the observation began. On the other hand, both dragged-in camera systems immediately got to a good job. Now, a couple of weeks later, I noticed Juha Myllärinen's observation of a handsome halo play with Lowitze and Parryine from the morning of the same day 200km south-southwest: Came to mind, would these shows be relate...

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Rare halos

3.8.2021 at 08.13 - Kittilä (IV)
Juha Myllärinen

When driving south from Kittilä, the eastern sky showed "three suns" and especially the "rainbow in the wrong direction" together with the normal rainbow. What is the cause of the phenomenon? Where's the treasure? :)

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Several bright halo forms

3.8.2021 at 12.25 - 12.35 - Inari (III)
Jyrki Paananen

Returning from the hike to Karigasniemi Road, several bright halos were visible in the sky. Didn't fit in one picture. It was clear for about 10 minutes, after which it was dim for a long time. Strong low pressure was approaching.

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Several halo forms

3.8.2021 at 12.15 - 12.46 - Rovaniemi (II)
Olli Sälevä

In the midday sky, a bright 22 ° upside down and a slightly more modest pool side up.

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Several halo forms

3.8.2021 at 04.30 - 04.31 - Salla (II)
Dennis Lehtonen

I peeked out the window in the morning and the halo phenomenon caught my attention. Certain shapes were pretty bright. Pictures of iphone 11 pro maxilla.

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