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26.7.2021 at 13.00 - 13.00 - Espoo (III)
Kimmo Lehtinen

The first successful experiment with the Lunt LS50 telescope and Barlow. Barlow is nominally 2X but Barlow was at such a distance from the camera that here the odds are around 1.33. The Lunt LS50 telescope has a limited focus adjustment range, which is why this was the highest factor I got so that the image could still be focused. Next I have to buy someone a 5X Barlow and try what it becomes. Now the Sun conveniently fills almost the entire camera area horizontally. In the vertical direction, the part is cut off but does not harm. The picture weakly shows Newton's rings, which are thus ge...


8.11.2020 at 14.00 - Espoo (IV)
Kimmo Lehtinen

Solar hydrogen in the light of the H-alpha line. Great when the sun starts to show activity. The orientation of the sun in the picture is quite random.

Several bright halo forms

13.11.2016 at 13.40 - Viitasaari (III)
Kimmo Lehtinen

Pictures of the halo phenomenon were taken in Viitasaari on Koulunmäki and in Pihkuri harbor on Father's Day. The day was foggy and for a while the sun was able to shine through the fog. We noticed the phenomenon on a business trip and took pictures on the phone when there was no decent camera included. The side suns were very bright.

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