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Rare halos

27.12.2019 at 12.50 - Jalasjärvi (IV)
Johanna Kihlman

While driving the car, a series of halos were seen. First the side sun on the left side of the sun, then the light pole and the upper sun, the arc began to form and finally the side sun also appeared on the right. The phenomenon lasted for a couple of minutes and changed rapidly due to the movement of the car. Pictures unfortunately with a cell phone camera through a car window.

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Other special clouds

9.8.2017 at 08.00 - 08.30 - Espoo (IV)
Johanna Kihlman

At eight o'clock an almost perfect hole cloud and wavy clouds were visible. The hole gradually closed over the next half hour.

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Other storm phenomenon

10.4.2020 at 19.55 - 20.05 - Espoo (III)
Johanna Kihlman

Part of Espoo enjoyed the golden rain :). A fast-moving little rain cloud colored wonderfully at sunset.

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