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All-sky aurora

17.9.2021 at 22.00 - 23.30 - Inari, Ivalo (V)
Krista Vajanto

Handsome northern lights all over the sky.

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Partial solar eclipse

10.6.2021 at 14.00 - 14.15 - Espoo (IV)
Krista Vajanto

The partial solar eclipse was nicely reflected in the clear summer sky. Despite all the heat and light, the Sun looked amazingly small when viewed through the welder’s glass. The sunsets silhouetted between the leaves of the trees were sickle-like.

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Rare halos

3.5.2021 at 08.45 - 13.00 - Espoo, Niittykumpu (IV)
Krista Vajanto

Great halo play for a long time! On a business trip in the morning at 8:45 a nice looking upper cloud was spreading into the sky. It drew 22r, 22 side suns, a bright 22 overhanging, weak Parry arch, snippets of a horizon ring. In addition, a weak zyk, a 46-degree ring, and possibly also a 46-degree top-side were visible (this entire arch set at the zyk was was quite wide at its highest point). Half an hour later, a 46-degree pool side and the first delicate snippets of Wegener were also visible. At its best, this halo play was in Espoo after 11 a.m., when a full horizon ring, 120-degree side s...

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Light pillars

16.1.2021 at 08.05 - 08.30 - Espoo (II)
Pyry Ekholm, Krista Vajanto, Pollux, Aalto-yliopisto

In the morning, a pillar of artificial light was spotted from the window and they went out to a nearby construction site with bright lights. Fine pillars and lower suns flickering in close-up crystals.

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Pearl clouds

1.12.2019 at 15.15 - 16.00 - Espoo (III)
Krista Vajanto

Pearl clouds in the evening; white and bluish.

Halo phenomena covering the sky

17.4.2018 at 14.50 - 16.20 - Espoo (IV)
Krista Vajanto

For once, a little finer set in the sky. Too bad the cloud was not just the best, but the kitchens. Initially, the side suns were moderate and the lateral curves of the 22-degree tire were bright. The horizon ring was perfect but hazy. There were halos in the sky for a couple of hours, in the final stage a dim 46-degree left pool side was visible; and a 46-degree top-side or ring (wide, matte, colorful).

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Pearl clouds

4.2.2018 at 16.45 - 17.45 - Espoo
Krista Vajanto

As the sun set, pearl clouds began to stand out in the sky. I expected a few of them because the same was in the sky in the morning as well. The pearls of the evening rusk were pale, long soft waves. As the evening darkened, a powerful purple light came into the sky, reminiscent in color of the ancient Pinatuboruskus. Admittedly, now the purple color was clearly smaller in scale than in the browns of the 1990s. However, I wonder if these could be similar particles - the norm in addition to the pearlescent?

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Valoilmiö levässä

11.10.2015 at 15.11 - Inkoo (III)
Krista Vajanto

Rarely is it so late to see a puddle of perimeters on the surface of the algae. Usually these phenomena belong to the summer heat. Around the sunshine, a clear colorful "four-clover" was visible, with horizontal arches to the side - though a small pond made detection challenging. Because the sun was at a low angle and the puddle was small, it was not very successful in detecting the phenomena surrounding the opposite point of the sun.

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Rare halos

25.7.2015 at 16.20 - Espoo (IV)
Krista Vajanto

For a long time, a really decent pyramid halo play. The cloud was kind of a little “nodded” where the pyramids like to hide. The intensity of the phenomenon is indicated by the fact that the 35-degree ring loomed with the naked eye! Of the basic halos, only a 46-degree ring was included, but only weakly visible.

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Muu valoilmiö

4.8.2013 at 14.30 - Espoo (IV)
Krista Vajanto

We saw an equally well-developed light phenomenon on the surface of algae about 20 years ago. Weaker is seen 1-2 times in the summer. Typically, this phenomenon was also seen on an island in the sea, not in a puddle right on the water's edge in the middle of a warm season and on a calm day. Around the sun was a colorful needle-like pattern, with bright horizontal arcs. Around the observer's head we saw multiple gloria and a pale "fog arc." The phenomena were interconnected by light, barely distinct transverse arcs (the so-called "crown?"). The water in the puddle was quite clear, only ...

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28.7.2013 at 16.10 - Espoo (V)
Krista Vajanto

Coming home from a summer vacation sailing, a thick cloud of sea smoke popped into the fairway. Visibility was at its worst at 20-50 meters, even though the sun was shining full blade. Really special combination !!! A greasy drizzle of rain was visible against the wavy sea surface, which we were able to detect a little badly when the primary focus was on navigation: it was perhaps the busiest boating day of the summer, with hundreds of sailors returning from their summer holidays. This is exactly the amount of traffic you wouldn't like to get in such poor visibility. Hopefully the crashes ...

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Rare halos

31.3.2012 at 11.59 - Espoo (IV)
Krista Vajanto

A beautiful halo play all morning long: 22 and 46 degree tires, full horizon ring, 22 and 120 degree side suns, zyk and 22 side and 46 degree pool side.

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