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Rare halos

28.12.2019 at 11.40 - 12.00 - Hyvinkää (IV)
Seppo Tuominen

There was still a cloud of fog at the Hyvinkää ABC service station at 11 o'clock, although it was clear elsewhere. I stopped to take pictures of the halo phenomenon visible on the spot, which in my observations is rare.

Quiet aurora arc

11.4.2015 at 04.00 - Hyvinkää (II)
Seppo Tuominen

Northern lights visible as colorless to the naked eye were photographed. With the camera, more colors came. In the pictures, I was amazed at the dark stripes in the main picture. Quite a clear striping of the kind I have not paid attention to in the northern lights I have seen. Isn't that normal? The striping was also visible in the pictures I took with the other camera.

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