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Rare halos

3.5.2021 at 06.00 - 11.00 - Pukkila (IV)
Heikki Vuonokari

The first pictures on my mobile phone already at 6:00, but I shot the most amazing halos between 7:20 and 8:20. In the morning from 10 am to 11 am halos again. I can't name almost all halo shapes, but I don't know. was Guaranteed to have the most spectacular halos, including an arc of a zenithal environment, a strong horizon ring, and a rainbow-colored piece of the arc seen at the bottom at the bottom of a 46-degree (?) perimeter.

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Primary rainbow

25.7.2020 at 19.20 - 19.30 - Pukkila (IV)
Heikki Vuonokari

Inside the rainbow, sector rays stand out clearly. The rainbow was very strong anyway. I don’t remember the same thing I noticed before.

Rare halos

27.8.2019 at 18.10 - 18.25 - Vantaa (IV)
Heikki Vuonokari

120 ° side sun. A white spot in the upper clouds opposite the sun on one side. I tried to estimate the position of the spot in relation to the sun and that 120 degrees fits it very well. The spot was at the same height as the sun. The observation was made from a moving car over a distance of more than 20 km, the position of the spot "moved" with the observation, ie a small light cloud, etc., fixed in place, is excluded. The spot disappeared as the observation site moved so that the upper clouds were no longer present. Apologies for poor image quality, taken while driving. Also the so-called. t...

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Useita halomuotoja

14.5.2018 at 11.09 - 11.12 - Pukkila, Kantele (II)
Heikki Vuonokari

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