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Rare halos

17.2.2021 at 17.23 - Kristiinankaupunki, Skaftung (IV)
Arja Savolainen

I was going to photograph the sunset, but a moderately thick cloud mass prevented the sunset from appearing properly. However, there were these special pillars of light on the horizon. They disappeared from view completely. I guess it’s strongly related to the sunset in some way.

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Yksi halomuoto

18.1.2019 at 20.16 - Kristiinankaupunki (I)
Arja Savolainen

--kuun halo? Näkyi suht selvästi. Kuva ei tee oikeutta nähdylle ilmiölle.

Pearl clouds

13.2.2017 at 16.45 - Kristiinankaupunki, Skaftung (III)
Arja Savolainen

Pearl clouds? If they are, then the first ones of my life I have then photographed.

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One halo form

26.7.2016 at 21.30 - Kristiinankaupunki, Skaftung (I)
Arja Savolainen

Is it a side sun or a halo? Maybe the rainbow-colored cloud visible on the right?

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One halo form

7.5.2016 at 07.45 - Kristiinankaupunki (I)
Arja Savolainen

As I sat on the stairs with my morning coffee, I noticed a halo and hurriedly picked up the camera and grabbed a picture.

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