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Quiet aurora arc

2.3.2021 at 23.29 - Pyhäranta (II)
Riku Poskiparta, Porin Karhunvartijat

My wife and I were on repo when I noticed with a sideways eye, something strange. I exclaimed, what the hell is that? My wife shouted: it's Steve, it's Steve. The race behind the camera began. My wife photographed with a sage who was already ready with the tripod. My camera was still in my pocket (Honor 30). I fluttered as fast as I could on the stand of my cell phone and I did very well in the cell phone rap. By this point, my wife had already had time to make noises for other enthusiasts as well.

Several halo forms

27.2.2016 at 16.14 - Eura (II)
Riku Poskiparta

We were returning from Harjavalta with the hostess when I saw quite a clear side sun and maybe 22r (?). I’m a new enthusiast and I don’t know exactly what rating this is going to go to now. I will leave this havis to maintenance for review. The photos were taken from a moving car because there was quite a bit of a rush to make an appointment. The hostess also demanded to photograph the previous pictures published here, the "success" of which was already laughed through the glass and on the move ... yes, from that serial fire, someone succeeded ...

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Starscape image

2.3.2021 at 21.26 - Pyhäranta (IV)
Riku Poskiparta, Porin Karhunvartijat

Cell phone experiments continue ... This time as a victim of an orion.

Starscape image

13.10.2021 at 20.51 - Laitila (III)
Riku Poskiparta, Porin Karhunvartijat

We went with the hostess once again for an evening ride, this time to Laitila Black Lake. We stepped onto the beach to see how the Milky Way would look right. Well, it was visible. My wife already had camera stacks with me by the beach, but I still have it in the car, so the tripod ... the camera is always in my pocket. quickly get a tripod from the car that just didn’t have time for the scenery to change, didn’t have time and grabbed the best picture I’ve ever taken on my cell phone.

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2.4.2016 at 14.00 - Taivassalo (V)
Riku Poskiparta

Bongail was competing with the hostess in Taivassalo :)

Zodiacal light

2.3.2021 at 20.59 - Pyhäranta (III)
Riku Poskiparta, Porin Karhunvartijat

I tried my dog can get the zodiac light described on the mobile phone, apparently able?

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A fireball at night, as bright as a cresent moon

9.9.2016 at 22.45 - Laitila (IV)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta

I was photographing the Milky Way and my husband was at the fair too. The man was catching fireballs and tuning in a wish list and I photographed the Milky Way focusing on learning the gloss in my eyes. On this fireball flight I saw it almost entirely, the host resting. "no matter how unusually handsome was the comment"! So was. The probe was again taking a picture of the smokescreen — the item looked like it could have left something out. The race situation was aviais 3 fireballs and I one ... unfortunately a couple earlier we didn't notice to record up with their times. Well, you probabl...

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Half-sky auroras

17.12.2016 at 18.00 - Utsjoki (IV)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta

The second repo night of our trip to Utsjoki started early; immediately after the cracking of clouds after four. Yes, clouds. You read correctly. The gauze appeared in the sky at lightning speed and then we left! The show didn’t take long breaks — just coffee cup-sized breaks. That is, suitable .. For a moment it seemed that the opposite fell "would pour fire down into the sky!" There were pillars, belts and everything possible. Three wide belts went over our cottage! Slightly different mood here in the North than in the south .. Rushed (that movement doesn't seem to be any "different" thi...

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Light pillars

12.8.2016 at 23.38 - 23.55 - Laitila (II)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta

The host and I bravely went to the yard for Perseid Yacht. The intention was to try to see the clouds — uh, something. Persides, illuminating night clouds, as long as something. Nothing was visible at the beginning. Suddenly the host said, there are pillars above the forest! Well, it was, they looked really bad at first. Then more clearly. Peak visibility lasted about two minutes. Then they just faded away. The camera screen confirmed the matter; artificial light pillars! My record fell handsomely in the morning, in almost a month! (Previous Havis on September 7, 2015 at 10:15 pm - September 7...

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Several halo forms

3.7.2019 at 11.42 - 12.14 - Laitila (II)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta, Tampereen Ursa

There was a noise. I rushed into the yard. It all started with the innocent 22 and the top side. It was the best halo play for me! There was a slightly twisted circle in the yard ... The watch is handed over by ticking and phenomenon inspections. . EDIT: added panorama

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Other special clouds

14.11.2016 at 16.20 - Laitila (V)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta

in the "super moon" yacht, attention was drawn to the special clouds. I have to say that I guess it was the first clouds for Kelvin-Heimholz for both of us! The phenomenon did not last long, but was really handsome! I haven't seen anything like it before, so let's be happy :)

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Rocket-related clouds

9.9.2021 at 23.11 - 23.19 - Pyhäranta (V)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta, Porin Karhunvartijat

We were admiring and photographing the Milky Way in Pyhäranta, Rohdais, when in the middle of everything we saw behind us our backs a strange, dazzling silver-bluish light phenomenon in the northeast, which brightened in our eyes. The phenomenon was absolutely insanely bright and very strange looking. At this point I cursed the long exposure of the Milky Way and the 30s have never felt as long as now ... The phenomenon ran low on a really hard ride from us to the northeast to the northwest and eventually disappeared beyond the light sea and forest border of Rauma. The first thought was when I ...

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Starscape image

27.8.2016 at 23.00 - 23.45 - Kemiönsaari (V)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta

The guns of the cross which was the Milky Way in Venice. In fact, I was lushly "on vacation" and the beach was quite a must for sharks and admirers without the hustle and bustle of the magnificent starry sky. Yes, the soul rested in that view. Light pollution Kemiönsaari vs. Laitila, not terribly different, but somewhat nonetheless. The best milky way pictures of my life. The husband glanced from the pier, "I guess you get moderate Milky Way pictures"? The correct answer was "YES" .. There was such a handsome air, the storm had calmed down, the air was clear, warm ... a really great observatio...

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Milky way

23.10.2017 at 21.25 - 23.00 - Laitila (V)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta

# bongaalinnunrata- and our own challenge of “depicting a milky way in different villages” finally continued. During the day we nailed the direction. In the end there was consensus — beautiful air, good bonga weather — the darkest possible had to be reached. As soon as it got dark we set off with the host. The direction was towards the village of Laitila Pado (Vaimaro) and the lake there, called Mustajärvi. There was light pollution in the sky, but it wasn’t terribly disturbing. I left the colors in the opening images uncorrected because that shade was pleasing to both of our eyes. The last th...

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Milky way

14.8.2020 at 00.05 - 04.00 - Pyhäranta (V)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta, Porin Karhunvartijat

A night of asses and moderately bright = an impossible equation that came true ... We packed the cameras, lunch, games and tricks in the car and drove with my husband to Pyhäranta to spot asses. A few Kehveli may have been left in the cell, but identification help from the watchdog is needed :) Some of the streaks are definitely satellites again. We saw a few handsome fireballs, - absolutely awesome! It came as a covertly controlled morning at four, but it was worth the fireballs as it whipped this from this sky.

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Other storm phenomenon

2.7.2016 at 11.23 - 11.58 - Eura (V)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta

We went with the host to drive towards Harjavalta. Right in Laitila, the host drew his attention to the strange spiraling cloud. At that time, the cloud and the surrounding area were clearly lighter. We decided to stop and grab the pictures. At the end of my emergency, I immediately informed Matt, who ordered me to take pictures of the phenomenon. The first two pictures are from Laitila, the next third is shot about 15 km before Eura when the phenomenon intensified and the color of the surrounding sky began to change. The last picture was taken in Eura. In Eura the cloud was already properly t...

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

30.7.2018 at 16.33 - 19.15 - Laitila (V)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta, Tampereen Ursa

Went to the chase in the gang. Already during the day a nice thunderstorm began to form, but it took the rites and headed north. There were a few disappointed expressions, but in the afternoon it seemed to be set in motion. It was worth it. No daytime flashes (: D) were obtained for the cell, but a magnificent set was seen. Lightning struck here and there, the streets flooded in Rauma. There was not much water in Laitila. This summer has now seen such magnificent lightning bolts and in abundance more than years, now there is such a lightning record in itself that one must be satisfied. This ti...

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Image of an exceptional thunder cloud

25.8.2020 at 13.21 - 14.24 - Laitila (V)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta, Porin Karhunvartijat

I followed the radar rain area, which blushed at a good pace. We decided to go with the man to see the situation from the field. A single glance assured that as soon as it rained, the foot of the rain grew in my eyes. We drove to the cradle when the rumble started. It was a low growl, but nothing was visible from the rain. A few clouds of lightning flashed and the rainy area reached the barn. The rain hit the tin roof with force and the bunker-like barn echoed properly as the thunder roared outside. The rain stopped just as suddenly as it started. We watched the clouds disintegrate and then a ...

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

23.8.2020 at 23.00 - 03.30 - Uusikaupunki (V)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta, Porin Karhunvartijat

The flashes were a little too far this time, but nonetheless it was a sick handsome trip! My husband threw the trip into "frouva's possession", meaning the credit was stiff (caused a slight panic). Those all did, yes, but ... but that thunder. That's the main performer. The Sámi chain that eventually stayed louder than expected and eventually the thunderous area visible to us shrank as it asked before the end of the world. (There was even a rumble at the beginning and it promised more than what the end result was.) We packed the stuff and following the thunderstorm map we headed for th...

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12.8.2016 at 20.41 - 20.43 - Laitila (IV)
Pirjo Koski, Riku Poskiparta

We were coming from the barbecue shed with the host inside to eat when the host noticed the cunning rays in the sky. I couldn’t say it, but like “wait a minute” and scrambled for a car. (It has an accurate eye, can't say anything else. A very confused man stands in a position in the middle of the yard with a steak plate; "Don't say now that you have a camera in it right away" !? Well of course it was, I had just gotten home a couple of hours earlier from a combined thunderstorm quarry hike and a terrible rain of rain prevented the camera from moving inside the car. Fortunately. Of FB&#...

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