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Bright halo phenomena covering the sky

24.10.2021 at 13.30 - Kuusamo (III)
Veli-Pekka Lehtimäki

My girlfriend photographed such a halo phenomenon between Kuusamo and Taivalkoski on the bench of an assistant driver on Sunday at about 1:30 pm, with several different arcs and side suns and even the colors of a rainbow. At least I don’t remember seeing it as great. Of course, the impact and colors are not very visible in the pictures. The road was quite slippery and there was no way to stop safely to take better pictures. So we drove on a autumn holiday trip with the children from Ruka towards Ostrobothnia.

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One halo form

24.10.2021 at 15.26 - Kuusamo (III)
Jani Päiväniemi, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

On a shopping trip in Kuusamo, I noticed a dim 22 'tire around the sun.

One halo form

24.10.2021 at 15.47 - 15.47 - Kajaani (III)
Heikki Lyytinen, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

Afternoon halo observation in Kajaani. Temperature slightly frosty.

Images: 2 pcs

Several halo forms

24.10.2021 at 13.00 - 13.30 - Hankasalmi, Murtoinen (III)
Harri Kiiskinen, Jyväskylän Sirius

The catch of the new halo camera from Fractions. The camera follows the Sun on a radio telescope.

Images: 3 pcs

Several halo forms

24.10.2021 at 11.20 - 14.30 - Rovaniemi (III)
Olli Sälevä

Congratulations on both sides at noon. Ounasvaara's snow cannon dust was also included in the pictures taken by the water, but there was no such screen available this time.

Images: 7 pcs • Comments: 4 pcs

Several halo forms

24.10.2021 at 15.45 - 16.00 - Juva (III)
Petri Martikainen, Ursa (Itä-Suomi)

Again, one must marvel at the power of the stack and the treatments, as that many other forms were found in that afternoon in the barely distinguished basic rinkula halo with the naked eye. Main image: first image of the stack at 15:48 (raw). Figure 2: Stack of 20 images at 15: 48-15: 54 (2x usm). Figure 3: same as the previous one, with the addition of bg processing.

Images: 3 pcs

One halo form

24.10.2021 at 14.26 - Posio (III)
Satu Teperi

In the afternoon on the jogging track a pretty halo.

One halo form

24.10.2021 at 09.53 - Turku,Ruissalo (III)
Paula Mattila

As the sun rose, the sky quickly clouded, but the thick middle clouds disappeared for a moment and the sun was able to shine again.

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