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A fireball at night, as bright as a cresent moon

29.11.2021 at 19.24 - Oulu, Haukipudas (III)
Tero Moilanen

There were many observations from this fireball. The flight was recorded on two cameras, the beginning of the flight is shown in the camera facing southeast and the middle part of the flight is shown in the camera facing south, the rest is left out of the picture.

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A fireball at night, as bright as a full moon

29.11.2021 at 19.24 - Vaala (III)
Jarmo Moilanen, Ursa (Pohjois-Suomi)

For once, it happened in the middle of the field of view of a fireball camera. Admittedly, a thin cloud curtain slightly in front. The video lasts 4.76 seconds. The UFO software gave a brightness of -5.2 magnitude but the brightness was probably closer to full moon. I haven’t really learned to rely on UFOAnalyzer magnitude estimates. This apparently belonged to the northern taurids that came surprisingly down into the atmosphere.

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