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Rocket-related clouds

16.2.2016 at 20.03 - Kuusamo
Kalervo Myllyrinne

While photographing the northern lights in Kiveskoski, Kuusamo, I noticed that already when the fires were fading, the bright moving light phenomenon was advancing towards the north. When I noticed the phenomenon, it was already quite close to the horizon (tree tops) and it was moving at such a speed that I first imagined it as an airplane flying at an altitude of less than a mile. I took three or four photos of it before it went behind the tops of the tree. I forgot about it in the way of the more important ones (northern lights pictures ...), until today I saw that Sentinel launcher thing in...

Half-sky auroras

14.12.2015 at 20.00 - Kuusamo (IV)
Kalervo Myllyrinne

The Northern Lights period lasted about 2 hours before it began to subside. What was special was the sight of fires almost everywhere in the sky.

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6.11.2015 at 11.30 - Kuusamo (III)
Kalervo Myllyrinne

An arc caused by the snowfall of ski slopes in sunlight.

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