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One halo form

1.6.2021 at 20.20 - 20.30 - Heinävesi (I)
Jukka Brusila

On the evening of June 1, 2021, a halo phenomenon appeared for a while around the sun. The image is a combined panoramic image of three horizontal images, which may slightly distort the geometry of the halo.

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Quiet aurora arc

19.2.2020 at 19.45 - 20.00 - Sodankylä (II)
Jukka Brusila

On February 19, 2020, I visited the filming locations of Pomokairantie again. Despite the predictions, no major northern lights play was now performed. I photographed these arcs at about 8 p.m. Is there something the same in the upper arch as in the same place in the air glow I described two months earlier? However, this arc is clearly related to the northern lights.

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Impressive ilmahehku

19.12.2019 at 20.00 - Sodankylä (I)
Jukka Brusila

Thursday 19.12.2019 was a starry evening for a long time, and I went to Pomokaira to take photos. The pictures showed a strange red stripe in the early evening sky. I’ve been into a lot of all kinds of night photography, but the phenomenon was new to me. I’m not sure if it was a natural phenomenon or if the stripes are due to equipment. It was pitch black in the forest, and the phenomenon was not visible to the naked eye, but the camera did immediately in the terrain. Description Samyang 14mm F2.4 XP, Canon 5d / 4. 30 p., F2.4, ISO2500. Six-screen panorama.

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Quiet aurora arc

10.10.2018 at 21.40 - 21.50 - Sodankylä (II)
Jukka Brusila

On Wednesday, October 10, 1818, there were already northern lights in the early evening. Personally, I was a little late for the start and I didn't get to the scene of the Sodankylä Vajunen power plant until after 9 p.m. At that time, the northern sky had a fairly active northern lights arc tyai arcs and the southern sky a stable nebulous (diffuse) arc. The latter remained in place throughout the time, about an hour, that I was on a shooting trip. There were many more attachments and events on the north side. The image is a panorama composed of four to five images taken with 14 mm glass. T...

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Active aurora band

9.9.2018 at 23.00 - 00.00 - Sodankylä (III)
Jukka Brusila

On the evening of 9/9/18, conditions and forecasts seemed very conducive to filming the Milky Way. That's why I went to the backyard of Sodankylä's Ilmakkijärvi late in the evening. However, the unsolicited and surprising northern lights ruined the filming plans.

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Light pillars

18.2.2018 at 23.00 - 23.30 - Sodankylä
Jukka Brusila

I was north of Sodankylä by the Vajukoski basin returning from a northern lights shooting trip when I noticed the awesome light pillars caused by the lights of the Kevitsa mine. The mine is located about 5 to 6 km from the scene and the pillars reached a height of about 40 degrees from the horizon.

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A fireball at night, brighter than a full moon

22.9.2017 at 22.36 - Inari
Jukka Brusila

This system cannot be used on a mobile device! I was photographing a northern lights at the bottom of Lake Inari's Fjord when I saw a really bright "star flight" in the western sky. Part of it was saved at the edge of a single image. The picture shows the fire extinguishing. I could see with my naked eyes also a smokescreen, but I did not hear any sound. I can add a picture to the observation when I get to the electrified place next week. I now added a picture. It also shows something like a smokehouse.

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30.7.2017 at 09.55 - Heinävesi (II)
Jukka Brusila

30.7. in the morning at ten I saw a strange light phenomenon in Kermajärvi in Heinäden. The surface of the water was apparently covered with rust spore spores. At that point, a rainbow-like light phenomenon was visible on the surface of the water: Two brilliant color bars in the colors of the rainbow. The attached image has a color bar on the right. The weather during the phenomenon was completely cloudless and calm. However, the air was blistering, so the humidity was probably high.

Quiet aurora arc

19.3.2017 at 23.30 - Sodankylä (II)
Jukka Brusila

I went in the evening to photograph the starry sky because the weather was clear, the moon didn’t rise until after midnight and the space weather was calm. My location is in the middle of nowhere and away from all the light pollution. However, the repos interrupted more or less the whole evening.

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Rocket-related clouds

16.2.2016 at 20.06 - Sodankylä (IV)
Jukka Brusila

I was photographing the northern lights in Sodankylä's Boss Cairo at the top of the Tunturipäät fell, when my attention was drawn to a special spot of light in the sky. It looked a bit hazy and I considered it a star cluster, but then I noticed it moving pretty fast. Turbidity and haze are shown in the images by comparison with adjacent stars. Maybe an airplane - however, I’ve never made a similar observation before. The attached images were taken with a shutter speed of 15 seconds. #raketti: Vaccines #satelliitti: Sentinel 3A (2016-011A)

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