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Total lunar eclipse

21.1.2019 at 07.58 - 08.00 - Espoo
Timo Salonen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Attached is a lunar eclipse image at 7.58 a.m., when the circus of light was already opening. I photographed the roof of the house and also got trees to scale the picture. Nikon P900 camera. A tripod was included, but I hadn’t practiced using the cell phone remote shutter and the pictures shook. I took this by hand. Reasonable for that. Yes, good preparation is important. Next time then. At full stage, the moon was surprisingly dark. At first I thought it was behind the clouds.

Half-sky auroras

7.10.2015 at 20.30 - Ruovesi (IV)
Timo Salonen

Other pictures of my life from the northern lights in the signs of practice. I filmed the northern lights all night for the time child. At the same time, the Air Force's military exercise began. The images were grabbed by "UFOs" and left over from the northern lights. There were several planes at the same time.

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Quiet aurora arc

14.10.2015 at 02.02 - 00.30 - Eurajoki (II)
Timo Salonen

SGO's magnetometer dropped about 500 nT, not when in the field to watch. Few clouds, about 15% of the sky, no clouds. Calm matte belt II, from west to northeast, up to a height of about 25 °. Structure H, few rays mocked. Form A. Brightness 1.5. Color class c, green.

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One halo form

19.1.2014 at 10.35 - Salo (I)
Timo Salonen

Rarely bright lower hall. Just like "beam me up Mr. Spock". Light as if descended on the adjacent road.

Transit of mercury

9.5.2016 at 14.28 - Helsinki (IV)
Timo Salonen

The observation was made on the upper level of the parking garage, the visibility was great. The attached photo was taken with a Sky-Max Skywatcher-127 telescope and a Canon EOS 600D camera. Timo Salonen

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