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Half-sky auroras

9.1.2022 at 00.00 - 00.44 - Sotkamo, Vuokatti (IV)
Raija Kokkola

The danger of an insane northern lights show in Sotkamo Vuokatti

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Half-sky auroras

8.1.2022 at 22.42 - 22.53 - Sotkamo (IV)
Raija Kokkola

The fog clouds in the Artery got moving, the northern lights forecast looked wild. A clear starry sky and an arch were found in Sotkamo! Phew. Car park and shoot. Vas. there was a red arch and green clouds on the side? What lie? From here, the journey continued with the danger of Vuokatti, where the show was just beginning! Amazing night! #sarg

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Auroras seen through breaks in the clouds

8.1.2022 at 21.30 - 00.00 - Hankasalmi, Murtoinen (III)
Arto Oksanen, Jyväskylän Sirius

Northern lights play badly behind the clouds in the pictures of the Hankasalmi Observatory's allsky camera. In addition to the green northern lights, the SAR arc is also visible through the clouds from 11:00 pm to 11:20 pm (9:00 pm to 9:20 pm UT). Timelapse:

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Aurora rays

8.1.2022 at 23.00 - 01.00 - Vesanto (III)
Timo Kuhmonen, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

While looking at the fireball camera, I noticed northern light activity on the camera. Outside the same checked and the northern sky also showed moving northern lights, up to an estimated altitude of about 30 degrees. There was no observation of the situation throughout the evening, so the best activity might not have been seen. This is a Peak hold photo based on a short video (January 9, 12:23 AM local time)

All-sky aurora

9.1.2022 at 00.26 - 00.28 - Ylläsjärvi (IV)
Yrjö Benson, Ursa (Helsinki)

The picture was taken three minutes after the northern lights corona from the zenith south of our yard with slippers on our feet. There are a confusing amount of elements in the picture. At the top is Starship Aurora, which progresses to the right. There is a forward-facing gravity antenna under the bow. Beneath the ship is a beam to transfer people or goods to or from the ship, similar to the well-known Starship Enterprise. There is an old-fashioned chimney in the stern of the ship. The stern of the vessel has a green antimatter engine shield at the top and a white at the bottom.

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Half-sky auroras

8.1.2022 at 21.40 - 22.23 - Kajaani (IV)
Taisto Komulainen

26-degree frost on the shores of the foggy Lake Nuasjärvi in Kajaani, I photographed the northern lights in the sky, which appeared unexpectedly again.

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Half-sky auroras

8.1.2022 at 22.50 - 01.30 - Kajaani (IV)
Anssi Toivanen

Repos were expected. The cloudy weather made me drive a few hundred miles looking for a cloud hole and the work paid off. Of course, it has been so much followed over the years that it is nice to have success sometimes. #sarg

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Half-sky auroras

9.1.2022 at 00.10 - 00.45 - Nivala (IV)
Heikki Hautala

The first repos were in the cloud, the second installment was lucky.

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Half-sky auroras

9.1.2022 at 00.05 - 01.05 - Haapavesi (IV)
Jari Ylioja

One of the best sets I've proven. The bright sub storm lasted almost an hour continuously.

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Half-sky auroras

8.1.2022 at 22.30 - 01.30 - Kajaani (IV)
Eero Karvinen

A perfect match from the mass discharge of the corona. The bad weather meant to ruin the whole presentation, but a cloud hole was eventually found. The aggressive substorm offered the best output for a long time at its place. Below are pictures of the different stages. The SAR arc that appeared before the storm in the bottom image. At this point, the still low cloud was plentiful. EDIT. It is therefore CIR, not CME, which I initially understood to be the cause of the northern lights. I only got to see the satellite data after I was watching this release and now I can clearly see the shock fron...

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