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NGC 6888

1.11.2021 at 20.00 - 22.30 - Salo (I)
Kimmo Harjunpää

I photographed Crescent Nebula on November 1, 2021. It was a really foggy weather and the gusts of wind didn’t make filming any easier. Exposures 5min in chunks and a couple of hours of integration time. Pretty promising compared to that. We should return to the matter in the event of a better weather. L-extreme was in use and the filming location in the agglomeration.

NGC 7635

18.10.2021 at 21.15 - 23.59 - Salo (I)
Kimmo Harjunpää

Bubble fog photographed during an almost full moon. I think the narrowband filter works surprisingly well. When shooting almost directly into the zenith, the Newton tube with a meter focal length brings its own challenges. The tubes shroud at some point to crash with the stand. It limits the total amount of exposure per night. This time the exposure is about 2h.


14.3.2020 at 21.00 - 23.30 - Salo (IV)
Kimmo Harjunpää

Shift M82 in the picture. Backyard astronomy with relatively light equipment.

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Rosette nebula NGC 2237

20.2.2019 at 20.00 - 23.00 - Salo (V)
Kimmo Harjunpää

Defying the rising moon, I decided to try to photograph Rosette in the backyard. It went as you might guess. The first 7 images were usable. The rest of the images of the moon had been ruined. The contrast was poor. The first pictures stacked and that’s how it became.

NGC 281 Pacman -sumu

2.4.2018 at 23.00 - 00.00 - Salo, Halikko (I)
Kimmo Harjunpää

I moved from my usual backyard scene this time a little further away to escape the light pollution. Despite the clotting of the laptop battery, I got a few 5min exposures. The power of the laptop had to be taken from the car battery and it is exciting how long it can be described that there is still power left in the battery to start the car. : =) The follow - up was probably the best ever and the end result was surprisingly good. Especially considering that the picture was taken with unmodified wit. The picture shows 4x5min exposure with a CLS filter. The clouds that arrived on the scene stop...

NGC6888 Sirppisumu

22.11.2017 at 21.01 - 21.01 - Salo (III)
Kimmo Harjunpää

I had time to take three partial exposures before the clouds came on.


24.4.2015 at 23.00 - Salo (IV)
Kimmo Harjunpää

The moon looked really nice even though it was already pretty low to get a good picture.

M27 nostopainosumu

27.9.2014 at 22.10 - Salo (III)
Kimmo Harjunpää

Lifting mist as seen from the middle of light pollution. The yellow sky makes it very difficult to adjust the colors. My First Picture of the Sky Watcher.

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