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Total lunar eclipse

21.1.2019 at 07.40 - Kaarina (IV)
Mikko Laine

The sky in the cloud when I woke up to look at the eclipse and the Moon could only be seen at a glance from the gap in the clouds. Maybe by 7.40, just in the last minutes of the maximum, suddenly the Cloud Cover tore and a big opening opened in the direction of the Moon, from which the view was very good. Excluding the neighbor's yard trees, of course. The tripod was ready to be tuned in, but I fumbled with the lights for so long that I couldn’t get a picture of the maximum anymore.

Rocket-related clouds

22.2.2018 at 19.08 - Kaarina
Mikko Laine

I saw a strange foggy light in the sky. At first I thought it was the Moon behind the clouds, but the Moon was elsewhere. I stayed to look at the object and noticed it moving. An hourglass-shaped misty object moved slowly toward me and finally from the north past me. I couldn't estimate the distance. The direction was roughly from west to east. I thought the light was a quadcopter or something and forgot the whole thing until now I read about the Falcon launch. I think what I saw matched the description. # f9deorbit #raketti: Falcon 9 FT

Partial solar eclipse

20.3.2015 at 12.05 - Mynämäki (IV)
Mikko Laine

I worked as a teacher in high school and I had told my students about the blackout in good time. Pupils had about a dozen self-made sunglasses and, in addition, welding glasses and floppy disks were used. I was outside with my camera for an entire hour from the beginning of the eclipse to its maximum and I handed out to the students the tools as well as instructions on how to use them. It’s sometimes hard to know about high school students ’interests, but it was nice to see how excited many were about this eclipse, especially after seeing it. "A little cool!" There was a thin cloud in the sky ...

Supernova SN 2014J

28.1.2014 at 20.00 - Kaarina
Mikko Laine, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

The evening was cloudless and I wanted to go and see if I could see the supernova of the M82 and find it. I hadn’t even watched the Cigar Galaxy on the tube before, so retrieving it wasn’t a routine yet. However, with the help of the map, it was found fairly quickly and, despite the light pollution and the clouds flying past, it was somehow visible. The center of the galaxy appeared as a bright spot but another one appeared next to it, so the supernova became spotted. After a while, I dug up the imaging features and had time to take a little shot of the subject before the clouds took over the ...

Binocular comet ISON

18.11.2013 at 06.45 - Kaarina (III)
Mikko Laine, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

Promised clouds in the morning, so I didn’t expect to see anything. However, there was a clear sky when I woke up, so I went to try filming. The telescope was too awkward to stock so I didn’t try to look. Nothing was visible to the naked eye, but the camera was exposed to the tail for a couple of seconds. I took a few sets of pictures and the resulting attached stack.


25.9.2013 at 22.46 - Kaarina (II)
Mikko Laine, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I described Andromeda as it started flying from the northwest above the clouds. I looked at the star map to see if there was anything else to the south that I could quickly describe. Neptune seemed easy to find. For a while I looked with a telescope towards that, but in the absence of a more accurate map, I saw nothing identifiable. In the end, I took a few pictures of where Neptune should have fit and that was where it was.

All-sky aurora

17.3.2013 at 20.00 - Turku (V)
Mikko Laine, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I was in Turku on Kuuvuori hunting for the Panstarrs comet when suddenly there was little northern lights in the north. They gradually spread throughout the sky, covering and bright. It was hard to judge the casting of the shadow around the middle of the city, but I think it was brighter than any clouds lit by the Moon. I didn’t get a picture of the best moments when the camera was set to shoot a comet. Attached, however, is a picture taken after the top, showing a comet (boxed) with a small accompanying one.


15.11.2012 at 20.59 - Kaarina (III)
Mikko Laine

It's been a couple of years since the picture was taken. In the latest R&D it was mentioned that there are no worse observations of Uranus here, so this is added. I would remember trying to look for Uranus visually, but with a telescope I didn’t distinguish it from the stars. I took a few pictures of the area where the planet would be according to the star map and some picture had hit the right place. In the attached image, on the left, a photo and on the right, a Stellarium star map of that time.

Dwarf planet

12.11.2012 at 20.30 - Kaarina
Mikko Laine, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I began to wonder what tools and skills would be possible to see or describe the dwarf planet Ceres. I was surprised by the ease of the job. I looked at the location of Ceres from Stellarium as closely as possible and pointed the camera there. I took a few sets of pictures and stacked them with Deepskystacker. I compared it to a star map and found an extra point. A little different place but when the Stellarium looked like it. The next day again pictures of that place and now it is clear which star has moved. I included larger images with the areas of the first image cropped. The star cluster ...

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Transit of venus

6.6.2012 at 04.34 - 07.56 - Hyvinkää
Mikko Laine, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I was there in Kulomäki, Hyvinkää, almost at sunrise, but it took a while to carry the equipment in place. There was still a moment to wait for the clouds to recede, and at about 4.30 I saw a clear black circle in the cloud above the Sun's disk. 4.34 first image. I followed the overrun from that moment to the end. There were slightly more clouds in the six countries. The third contact was well visible and the fourth almost to the end, until the clouds again blocked the view. The times of the pictures are 04:34, 04:52, 05:16 06:14, 06:31, 07:02, 07:37

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