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Quiet aurora band

7.10.2018 at 20.34 - Pori (II)
Maria Rönni

7.10.2018 was an exceptionally handsome northern lights show that I was admiring in the nearby field with my son. Today (January 29, 2020) has been reported about a new form of northern lights, a dune that has been visible that night. I had to dig out the boxes myself, and a couple of pictures were found in which the phenomenon can be seen.

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Quiet aurora arc

7.10.2018 at 20.32 - 21.11 - Pori (II)
Maria Rönni

The solar wind values and the reviews of more experienced enthusiasts in the fb group of northern lights looked good, so I went with my son to a nearby field to see if there were any northern lights, and they did! There was an arc in the north, at some point more and sometimes they became active and the movement was obvious, it was apparently a northern lights belt? At some point I noticed a look behind my back and there were spots of northern lights in a south-west direction. Figure 3 is taken somewhere in a southwest-west direction, and I think it shows red, could it be a SAR arc? All in all...

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Milky way

1.9.2019 at 02.24 - Parainen, Utö (IV)
Maria Rönni

On a warm and bright night in the outer archipelago, the milky way was nicely visible.

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Meteor image

8.8.2020 at 01.04 - Pori (II)
Maria Rönni

During the half-hour observation in Yyteri on a summer night, a couple of starbursts were seen, one of which I got a picture of.

Maan varjo

28.5.2021 at 23.15 - Pori (III)
Maria Rönni

At the end of a beautiful summer day, I went to watch the sunset on the familiar Kallo beach in Mäntyluoto. As the sun set behind the horizon, I changed the beach with the idea of admiring the shadow of the earth and it was beautifully visible.

Landscape image of a planet

5.12.2021 at 16.46 - Pori (III)
Maria Rönni

Jupiter, Saturn and Venus in Mäntyluoto on the back of Kallo. After sunset, it was great with time to watch the stars light up into the darkening sky. This really can’t cure a Christmas night out; sea smoke, 15 degrees below zero, the icy and icy sea, the changing colors of the evening sky, and the appearance of planets and stars in the sky. After a couple of hours, his fingers and toes were so icy that the search for comet Leonard was delayed a second time. Unfortunately, the camera was set to ISO 6400 after night shooting, which would not have been necessary in the still relatively bright ev...

Landscape image of a planet

7.12.2021 at 16.48 - Pori (III)
Maria Rönni

Jupiter, Saturn, Venus and the crescent moon in the darkening evening sky. In the fresh -17 degree frost, it was nice to watch the stars and planets appear in the sky.

Aurora rays

2.3.2021 at 21.22 - Pori (II)
Maria Rönni

Northern lights in Pori Kyläsaari 2.3 2021. The calm arc of northern lights was visible for a long time, activated for a moment and the rays were well visible even to the naked eye.

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