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8.1.2018 at 23.12 - 23.13 - Muonio (III)
Sami Sattanen

In January, to my surprise, I noticed that the sky was not in the cloud. Spark plug with camera to rip pictures. I think this shot was good where Orion peeks between the trees.

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Active aurora band

31.12.2016 at 23.30 - Muonio (III)
Sami Sattanen

We were leaving for the Church to see the rockets, but didn’t have to leave until then. Nature organized a great show of its kind. There was nothing wrong with filming when the subject was too narrow and the focus was wrong at the beginning. Oh, and the camera still had a JPG format on it. Images are cropped slightly at the edges. Sometimes people always ask why those pictures in magazines are so much finer than in nature. The difference is that those who travel to Lapland to see the northern lights have not happened to see decent northern lights. These were recorded through little Olympus 24m...

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