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A fireball at night, brighter than the Venus

14.3.2022 at 00.39 - Espoo (III)
Sami Multasuo

Tulipallo Cassiopeiasta alaspäin kestoltaan 3-4s. Aluksi kirkas, välillä hiipui mutta kirkastui uudelleen. Katosi puiden taakse. Sain kuvaan toisen kirkastumisen alun, mutta loppu jäi puuttumaan. 

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Binocular comet Wirtanen

12.1.2019 at 01.00 - 03.30 - Inkoo (III)
Sami Multasuo

For a long time, the weather favored shooting and I finally got to shoot 46P / Wirtanen. The subject is in a slightly challenging location in the sense that shooting is done almost straight up.

Transit of mercury

9.5.2016 at 17.30 - Espoo (IV)
Sami Multasuo

Described passage of the Mercury sun from Matinkylä, Espoo. Sunspot 2542 is also nicely visible.

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Active aurora band

17.8.2015 at 00.57 - Kirkkonummi (III)
Sami Multasuo

The place of observation was Porkkalanniemi, where I originally went to photograph the stars. At midnight, however, northern lights began to appear in a northerly direction. The northern lights that have become the top three in the picture are the northern lights finally photographed at about 0057.


13.8.2015 at 00.00 - 02.30 - Espoo (III)
Sami Multasuo

The sky became clear as it had become the summit of Perseids, even though the early evening looked bad. I photographed a swarm of meteors between midnight and half past three, and I saw an estimated 40-50 star flight. 28 of these I got described. One particularly bright one appeared immediately after midnight in the southeast, leaving behind a fading wadding. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of it. I'll probably add pictures later.

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A fireball at night, as bright as a cresent moon

18.3.2015 at 21.02 - Espoo (IV)
Sami Multasuo

The ball came from the south to the back and passed me from the east. Flew low straight without an arc. The flight took an estimated 3-4 seconds, from which I got to be photographed at the end of a second when I happened to have a camera pointing north in the hope of northern lights. At the end it faded and seemed to break into two pieces.

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Quiet aurora arc

13.9.2014 at 01.48 - Espoo (II)
Sami Multasuo

There were no very strange northern lights in the Espoo region, or I missed the optimal time. The moon, fog, and light pollution hindered perception to such an extent that the northern lights could not be seen properly with the naked eye. However, the camera appeared. I put the observation as a gauze, but yes, the shapes stand out from that image as well.

Binocular comet PANSTARRS

15.3.2013 at 19.52 - Espoo (III)
Sami Multasuo

Photographed from the back of Miessaare, near the long island. The comet was barely visible to the naked eye, the camera became quite visible.

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