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13.5.2021 at 15.00 - 16.30 - Paimio, Kevolan observatorio (V)
Petrus Kurppa, Mikko Heino, Jani Laasanen, Turun Ursa

The Turku Ursa Planet Yacht Company decided in good time to try their luck with the planet of the messenger of the gods. The beautiful, downright summer weather changed as if from cloudless to partly cloudy. Our party did not give up on being small, after all, the planet Mercury is so small that all it takes is a small opening in the cloud cover. Following the scent of Paimio's countryside and lingonberry, we prepared Planewave 17 "CDK for telescope. Thanks to the stand, the planet Mercury is not even challenging to find in the daytime. Thanks to the dome, the sun stayed safely out of sigh...

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NGC 2237

16.3.2021 at 21.00 - 23.00 - Paimio, Kevola (IV)
Mikko Heino, Turun Ursa

Rosette fog downtown area.

NGC 2146

3.12.2016 at 00.00 - Paimio, Kevola (III)
Mikko Heino, Turun Ursa

The object was photographed and discussed in collaboration with Jani Laasanen. The subject is part of our joint project to photograph these less photographed objects with Kevola's new Planewave 17 "telescope. Seeing was not strange at the time of the shooting, which made it difficult to process the image.

IC 1396

2.10.2016 at 00.00 - Paimio Kevola (IV)
Mikko Heino, Turun Ursa

At the beginning of October, IC 1396, or the Elephant Nebula, was selected as the target. The weather was really conducive to shooting and the night was spent comfortably visually looking at the sky while the shooting equipment was doing their own work.


8.9.2016 at 00.00 - Paimio, Kevolan tähtitorni (IV)
Mikko Heino, Turun Ursa

Shooting season opened. Harsosumu from the constellation Joutsenen was chosen as the target. A great target for camera optics. Image in the HST palette.

IC 1318, NGC 6888, NGC 7000, IC 5070

12.4.2016 at 00.00 - Paimio, Kevola (IV)
Mikko Heino, Turun Ursa

There were three bright nights for the week, so I was able to take the last pictures of the spring. Swan mists were selected as targets. In the pictures, then P. American / Pelican Mist, Sickle Mist and Butterfly Mist. Exposure for about three hours per fog. Photographed in narrow bands. Colors in the Hubble Palette. Edit: I changed the images to ones I think are better processed.

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IC 1805

1.3.2016 at 22.00 - Paimio (IV)
Mikko Heino, Turun Ursa

Heart mist in the Hubble color palette. Also included are a couple of croppy shots of fog center and fish head fog. Photographed at the Tursa Ursa observatory in Kevola, Paimion.

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IC 1848, IC 1805

7.1.2016 at 00.00 - Paimio, Kevola (IV)
Mikko Heino, Turun Ursa

Photographed at the Tursa Ursa observatory in Kevola, Paimion. Frost -25c, but still the equipment works flawlessly. Headlight for your new CCD camera.

NGC 2237, 2244

10.12.2015 at 00.15 - Paimio, Kevola (IV)
Mikko Heino, Turun Ursa

I decided to use the relatively bright moment of Thursday morning effectively to my advantage. Rosette mist was chosen as the target. Location Turku Ursa Observatory in Kevola.

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