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IC 1805, Melotte 15

10.9.2015 at 01.00 - Raasepori (V)
Jyrki Grönroos, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Now the mono-1000D would then have been tested for five nights. Colors photographed with the older normally modified 1000D. The tracking accuracy isn't quite right there yet (inclination + pole orientation), but those stars aren't terrible right now. I’ve never before combined luminance and rgb images, nor have I combined H-alpha. Yes, I got a twist for a while to get something sensible combined. Overall, though, I'm happy with the picture and that can be said to be a win-win. I wonder if the combination of different image data will gradually become familiar. Even when you get cool...

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NGC 7331 & Stephanin kvintetti

19.9.2014 at 01.00 - Raasepori (IV)
Jyrki Grönroos

Photographed from the backyard observatory. Exposure on two nights, the latter very foggy weather. 17.9. & 19.9. EDIT name corrected

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NGC 7635 & M52

18.8.2012 at 01.00 - Raasepori (IV)
Jyrki Grönroos

Described at the time of the first decent twilight of the observation period on two nights 14.8 and 18.8. The bubble mist is comfortably almost in zenith in terms of shooting in the fall. The still open constellation M52 was well composed in the image field. For this period, with the move, the dream has finally come true that there is no need to frost the observation equipment with a car in a dark place. Hopefully it helps to be able to take advantage of those few gaps in that cloud mass.

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22.2.2012 at 01.00 - Lohja (IV)
Jyrki Grönroos, Ursa (Helsinki)

The first time I got to spot Mars. Seeing was so weak that visually I just didn’t see the details. Suddenly something small appeared in the picture. Definitely need to go back to the destination.

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