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4.4.2020 at 20.27 - Turku
Aimo Niemi, Turun Ursa

Test image with an experimental telescope whose main mirror is a plastic paraboloid. The mirror is made by rotating a mold filled with cast plastic for about 20 hours at a speed of 33.3 rpm.

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Lightning photo

12.8.2013 at 22.53 - Turku (III)
Aimo Niemi, Turun Ursa

Here is a report of a failed observation attempt. The intent was to photograph a star flight flock of Perseids, but none of the 352 attempts were spiked. I tried to shoot the same area of the sky all night with continuous shooting and an 8-second shutter speed, hoping to hit one of the shots, but that plan produced a watershed. The battery lasted only a couple of hours and no hits came. Even outside the shooting range, I managed to see star flights only a few weak and a couple of brighter ones. Due to the terrain, the viewing direction was not optimal when the trees covered almost half of the ...

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