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Rare halos

19.11.2021 at 18.26 - 18.43 - Pelkosenniemi (IV)
Tuula Hilli

On Friday, November 19, 2021, the time of the full moon was ap. I followed the halo of the moon for a while between 6:26 and 6:43 p.m., but that phenomenon lasted longer. The moonlight used to be heavy, but the fog began to rise and a halo formed. It was over a wide area around the moon, the pictures don’t do it justice.

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Several halo forms

12.4.2021 at 10.33 - 11.00 - Kemijärvi (II)
Tuula Hilli

When skiing around the fell, run the so-called In the scenery of the Holy Mountain, we called the halo when we came to Salmiaava. It wasn’t very powerful, but clearly noticeable nonetheless. It was visible for at least about half an hour.

Active aurora band

19.2.2021 at 22.56 - 02.22 - Pelkosenniemi, Pyhätunturi (III)
Tuula Hilli

I watched the northern lights for 3.5h at night on February 19-20, 2021, occasionally going inside to warm up inside. As a rule, the northern lights were vivid, moving and colorful, bright and partly very bright. They were strongest in the east, i.e., on the east-north side of the sky, but also moved in the west and south. A bright radial corona quickly formed even after midnight. It started to get cloudy in the morning. I stopped filming when the sky was wonderfully closed.

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Active aurora band

15.2.2021 at 22.45 - 00.15 - Pyhätunturi (III)
Tuula Hilli

I went to the yard from February 15-21 before ten to see if there was a clear sky. I also saw a greenish sky behind the trees. I was in the nearby swamp a little before 11pm and not for a while when the repos started lapping 180 degrees wide. There were colors, red and purple, vertical rays and an arc and twist. No corona formed. I have realized that on that evening the northern lights would have been visible here earlier in the evening, ie they turned on and went out / went down more often. I was frozen, so I don’t know if they went on after I left.

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Penumbral lunar eclipse

10.1.2020 at 20.39 - 21.22 - Pelkosenniemi
Tuula Hilli

Bright moonlight, no clouds in front. I made a compilation of the moons, I wrote the time for some of the moons.

Active aurora band

27.12.2019 at 22.15 - Pelkosenniemi
Tuula Hilli

There were first moving, bright green northern lights in the sky. At the time of taking this picture, only the green light was visible below. This, too, was visible to the naked eye. Here he drew attention to the coloring as well as the shape of the phenomenon. The phenomenon did not last long.

Quiet aurora band

28.3.2017 at 04.39 - Tampere (II)
Tuula Hilli

I watched the northern lights during the morning until almost sunrise. The northern lights began to live quite low at about 4.15, meaning they began to form a vertical pillar and meander at a fairly low level. At the same time, the sky began to flicker. From the bottom up there were, as it were, light waves that were really fast, white. Flared wonderfully! With my eyes they separated really well, but were too fast and dim for the camera! In addition to the fires shown in the picture, they lived their own lives! How often do you see such a phenomenon?

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Total lunar eclipse

28.9.2015 at 04.20 - Kangasala (IV)
Tuula Hilli

Lunar eclipse seen from Haralanharju tower. In the composite image, only the first full moon is photographed the other evening. Other in the morning around 4.40-5.20. The sky eventually went into the cloud completely, no longer being able to capture the H-moment itself.

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