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At least 5 lightning strikes seen

19.6.2022 at 00.05 - 00.45 - Turku (III)
Paula Mattila

Just after midnight I saw the first flash in the cloud that had already thundered as we approached Turku from the west, two flashes later in the cloud that was east of Turku.

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Lightning photo

19.6.2022 at 00.04 - 00.10 - Masku (IV)
Petri Mäkinen

Thunder was promised for the night, so nothing more than to monitor the situation. The first front came and went solely to the rain of Keran. The second front already looked very different when rising from the sea. Darker blue lump. As he approached, the flashes of life began to appear. The front came to light and the nearest lightning struck a distance of about 9km. As he got closer, the lightning stopped and a relentless rain began. But there were comics to watch. The first night thunderstorms this year.

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

18.6.2022 at 23.20 - 01.30 - Sastamala
Markku Ruonala

The first night thunderstorm of the season offered a nice sparkle, of course a big part in the cloud and behind the fog clouds, but also a few nice earthworms, the nearest lightning struck about 600 meters away. The rain was heavy for a while and there was also a light gust, I didn't notice any hail. Most of the observation in Sastamala Häijää, part on the way from Häijää home to Akaas. The pictures were taken at 00.15 and 01.03.

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