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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

23.6.2021 at 14.24 - 14.45 - Nurmijärvi (V)
Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Woke up to this storm a little late and even then the main goal was to save the outdoor farmer from thunder power washing. However, the oncoming avalanche was so inconceivably magnificent that the car was forced to stop in the middle of the trip. There was only a cell phone camera included, but it also captured something. The avalanche progressed quite a bit and in the yard of the shelter it could be admired for another time. Then a gust of rain and rain hit me. A little heat was in mind, as sets in this class might clump into large granules. There were still a few hammered roofs that appeared...

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Clearly visible night shining clouds

7.8.2020 at 23.30 - 00.30 - Ruokolahti (III)
Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

"Pekka Parviainen would say that as a night cloud," Marko said as we stared at the red skyline in the evening. We waited long and hard: weak strands began to form in the northern sky.

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2.8.2020 at 18.15 - 18.25 - Rautalampi (IV)
Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

It was a good idea to dry the peppermint in the sauna. Without it, this strange rainbow would have gone unnoticed. At the final climax, I picked up in the accelerating rain down to the cottage shore to check the progress of the drainage. Seen from the side, both the main and side rainbows shone above the lake. A closer look wiped out all the mint and the scream "IT'S ANOMALIC !!!". This time it was my turn to start mesoing because of the rainbow. The main rainbow appeared to crack in the middle into two branches, and its other non-cracked end affected the ordinary rainbow to be uncharacter...

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27.1.2019 at 09.40 - 14.00 - Nurmijärvi (II)
Emma Bruus, Juha Ojanperä, Tero Sipinen, Toni Veikkolainen, Veikko Mäkelä, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

The admins' morning coffee was interrupted by Tero's account that a beautiful 22r surface halo glistened in the yard. A quick glance at the yard revealed that in -20 degree weather, all the surfaces were glistening with crystals, including Toni's Volvo roof. EDIT: Added two Veiko images [ #5-6]. 24r is shown quite well in the last picture.

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Partial solar eclipse

11.8.2018 at 11.45 - 12.30 - Rautalampi (IV)
Emma Bruus, Sari Hukka, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Our observation team began the observation operation with the crafting of the camera’s solar filter. Once the equipment level was in place, we moved out to peek at the views. Soon a piece was already missing from the corner of our star. There was no big spectacle of this 13% blackout, but the hole was clearly visible to the naked eye. Pictures 1.3: Sari Hukka Photos 2,4,5: Emma Bruus Photo 6: Marko Pekkola

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

21.8.2017 at 20.30 - 01.00 - Sni-A-Bar Township, Yhdysvallat (V)
Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

After the eclipse, we finally got on the highway when a local SMS was hit by a text message alert from the authorities: “There may be flooding water in Kansas City in the evening ”. We drove past St Louis when an explanatory bulletin arrived “Kansas City might thunder properly in the evening at 9-24pm ”. The message sounded pretty nice in the ear of the storm bongar. The next bulletin was already in the format “ May thunder heavily at 21-06 ”. Yeah, we're still getting a decent final for the day? We continued on the highway forward toward the goal and started staring at where this much tal...

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Total solar eclipse

21.8.2017 at 12.35 - 13.45 - Makanda, Illinois, Yhdysvallat (V)
Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Blackout I had decided to try Janne Pyykö's idea of a blackout statue with Marko on the second camera in the middle of the perfect phase. The main camera would capture a wide-angle view of the local landscape in the usual way. I focused my walks on making sure the main camera had all the settings in place. The eclipse here would last a little over two minutes, so in the middle of an event, you shouldn’t spend time honing your settings. Had the change in Kansas City’s weather to cloudy not mixed up the plans, the setting side with its landscape choices would have been well prepared days in ...

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

18.8.2017 at 18.00 - 01.00 - Simpson Township, Missouri, Yhdysvallat (V)
Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

When we landed at Kansas City Airport, the mood was right: a calm, lightning bolt of lightning rained over the city. To our chagrin, there was no foot and suitcases in the towing behind it, but first we had to pick up a rental car, look for accommodation and take care of the catering. By this point, the evening had already darkened, but the horizon still showed a thunderous cell flickering sharply, almost to the accuracy of a stopwatch. An urgent consultation was held: what to do in the evening? Well, let's go after it anyway! We were pushed along the highway towards the cloud and the view...

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Arcus cloud

28.7.2017 at 21.45 - Ruokolahti (IV)
Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

I was hanging from the summer event of star enthusiasts lith-wet swimsuits in the attic of an old farmhouse drought, when Jykevä * JYSKIS * was heard from the outside. We had previously noticed a few rather skull-like clouds while driving to our station. They didn't expect such a growl to leave, even with a good imagination. I raised my eyebrows in astonishment and peeked out the upstairs window. This time the view was something completely different from Lussu: from there there was a avalanche cloud coming straight over Lake Saimaa! I grabbed the camera and rushed to startle the other part...

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Hail in the summer season

18.7.2017 at 13.51 - 14.50 - Rautalampi (III)
Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

The cloud, which gave the impression of a plush surround, finally threw the granules of the set.

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Bright night shining clouds

7.8.2016 at 23.15 - Helsinki (IV)
Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

What a good feeling to return home! Marko and I woke up above Tallinn to notice that on the northern horizon a filament-like set of illuminated night clouds gleamed. Luckily, I had figured out using both wet and dry napkins for window cleaning when serving food, so I somehow managed to save myself from the fat lens effect caused by the forehead images of previous occupants. Most of the time, the cabin had full lights on and I had to grab the covers of a book reserved for travel reading in my emergency heads to turn the camera into a light hood. Well, a suitable detective has saved the graph in...

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At least 10 lightning strikes seen

3.7.2016 at 18.20 - 18.55 - Imatra (IV)
Marko Pekkola

Good mood on the Vuoksi bridges in Imatra. Hopefully emma flashes in the camera as well. The storm bongu started in the morning by driving from Tampere to Eastern Finland, but from Laukaa a turn towards Southeastern Finland. The first cb chain for Ruokolahti didn't really produce anything except reportedly a few lightning strikes, of which we were just late on the shores of Inkilänmäki. From 1820 onwards, the large cluster of cells that hit Imatra (still going on) has instead been quite a great show. There have been dozens of cloud flashes, only a few line and ground flashes at the beginni...

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Rare halos

12.5.2016 at 07.55 - 08.10 - Nurmijärvi (IV)
Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola

The relatively straightforward Parry interrupted a shopping trip approaching the end.

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Halo phenomena covering the sky

29.2.2016 at 08.15 - 09.00 - Nurmijärvi, Klaukkala (V)
Marko Pekkola, Emma Bruus, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

A massive ice mist play, at least for the signatory, an absolutely stunning spectacle. The side suns were really dazzling, the best shapes as living beings. The Stratocumulus ferry tore, revealing the Sun. There was a top quality ice crystal stream in the adjacent field valley. I first bonged the side sun from the window in the morning, which soon turned dazzlingly bright and shouted to depict Emma. Then there was the first cup of morning coffee. Sony’s battery clotted in the initial meters, so Emma ran to the yard with the Canon Mark 5D II. I joined the club, and we progressed into the fields...

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Several halo forms

1.1.2016 at 16.30 - Cape Canaveral, Yhdysvallat (II)
Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Side sun and swarm of elliptical pelicans.

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Half-sky auroras

31.12.2015 at 19.00 - Newfoundland, Kanada (IV)
Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

The flight attendant had just handed me an ice cream box and I was wondering if I was smart enough to make it open. I was upset because I couldn’t find any spoons. I leaned against the cool window of the machine as I pondered this great problem. Seats across the Atlantic for the flight had been carefully booked months in advance from the north of the flight. Before leaving, everyone in Finland had already encountered future northern lights during the day. From the very beginning, however, the plane had worn, paranoidly, the reflections that arise when the viewer’s own forehead and nose are hea...

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Aurora rays

15.8.2015 at 23.41 - 02.40 - Rautalampi (II)
Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

It was stated by two, that there was a lack of company, "Now the taxi left for the evening!" Optics in the backpack, for sure: "Hey, but if you tweet but star?" The sauna hotter, in nature the drug bigger, was in the air Finally the magic of summer night. Waiting at the pier, on the rapids, there was no known cold at all. There was no pre-order, but from behind the bush, rose green veil. It’s starting to be here, with bats in the dark, the feeling of a fresh northern lights! On the northern horizon and above the black stream, the gleaming clouds belt the bridge. A glory had already risen above...

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Dim night shining clouds

4.7.2015 at 00.15 - 01.00 - Nurmijärvi, Klaukkala (II)
Matias Takala, Emma Bruus, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Night clouds were observed at the Sky Watch's barbecue meeting.

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3.7.2015 at 23.40 - Nurmijärvi (IV)
Emma Bruus, Matias Takala, Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

We held a small reflection session at home on the development of the Sky Watch information buttons. The program had already moved to a more free-form phase when we spotted two moving points on the other side of a nearby river. Binoculars in the field revealed the life forms creeping into the deer and the hand quickly reached out towards the camera. Behind the deer, a light began to shine from the trees' holiday: behind the tops of the trees rose the Moon. The entire men's sauna shift to the bumpy balcony to admire the view. I photographed moon deer until the women’s sauna shift, when t...

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Arcus cloud

8.6.2015 at 13.15 - 13.30 - Helsinki, Rautatientori (II)
Marko Pekkola, Ursa (Etelä-Suomi)

Seen from a distance, at first only a slightly developed-looking avalanche-like formation (pictured) that sided with the heart of Helsinki. The second image shows how the right side of the cloud is curved and spreads further. Later, the avalanche was even clearer, but came in a hurry out from under the rain. The observation site was probably not the best for this. It would certainly have been better to see something from the direction of Kallio or Töölönlahti, for example. Individual lightning bolts and rumbles. (Later more thunder and rain)

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