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Rocket-related clouds

24.3.2014 at 04.49 - 04.56 - Helsinki
Pentti Arpalahti

A glance from the window, passing northeast, and strange white clouds shone above the roofs. Suddenly a jacket around his neck and out. I guess there shouldn't be any of them yet, but the very illuminating night clouds look like drunks. The sun was ten degrees below the horizon when the pictures were taken. From five in the morning the clouds no longer separated. The moon was low about south. #raketti: Soyuz 2-1b #satelliitti: Glonass M (Space 2522, 2017-055A)

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Rocket-related clouds

24.3.2014 at 04.45 - Vilppula (IV)

At about 4.35 I would walk in the yard and notice something bright behind the trees. I went to a better place to take a picture of the phenomenon, but by that time the cloud had already faded and stretched considerably. By five, it had almost disappeared. The first thing that came to mind was that there could be something to do with a rocket launch? #raketti: Soyuz 2-1b #satelliitti: Glonass M (Space 2522, 2017-055A)

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