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Half-sky auroras

6.2.2020 at 22.17 - 22.58 - Nurmes, Saramo
Maija Savolainen

Really beautiful, great northern lights and a strange moonlight. It was almost a full moon. The cold wind blew from the north. First, I noticed a green arch in the window that appeared green to the naked eye. Suddenly out, the camera was already ready, I knew the forecast. So came the right show. At the end of the show there was also northern lights dancing in the western sky and upstairs as well. And the colors were visible to the naked eye. really beautiful to watch. Nurmes Saramo in North Karelia. Those times are the times shown on the camera. (The clock was somewhat wrong at 10-20 minutes)...

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Light pillars

27.3.2018 at 00.04 - Nurmes
Maija Savolainen

On a trip to the northern lights, my attention was drawn to a very bright and bright cloud in the sky, the other clouds were gray. This one cloud literally glowed with light. The frost was about -20 ° C

Pearl clouds

31.12.2016 at 16.55 - Nurmes (IV)
Maija Savolainen

Beautiful sky after sunset on New Year's Eve. Nurmes Saramo Are these also pearl clouds or a phenomenon for the same reason? Long after sunset, the sky was beautifully colorful.

Half-sky auroras

15.4.2016 at 22.43 - Nurmes (IV)
Maija Savolainen

Here was perhaps the most spectacular and perhaps also the last northern lights show of the season. Really gorgeous, colorful and long-lasting show, two sides of the night in Nurmes. Yes, man felt small under this play. Absolutely awesome!

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