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Several bright halo forms

16.4.2022 at 17.45 - 18.10 - Kuopio (III)
Jouni Tuomisto

At about 3 p.m., a rather bright halo was seen in Iisalmi, with side suns on either side and arches flanking 22 degrees above and below. There is no photo for this. At about 5.30 pm, bright side suns were visible from the bridges of Kalla. An arch of the zenith environment was also noticed in Kuopio and several photographs were taken of the halo. The best, panoramic view also shows the side suns and snippets of the horizon ring that were brighter on the left. The sun was already so low that there was no longer a curve flanking the 22-degree pool. The halos remained for at least another half ho...

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