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Milky way

13.10.2017 at 21.30 - 23.30 - Ulvila (III)
Tuikku Asikainen, Jarkko Suominen, Jari Kuula, Eila Syrjälä, Juha Ojanperä, Porin Karhunvartijat

The Pori Bear #bongaalinnunrata organized their own #bongaalinnunrata - excursion and invited the Pori camera companions and others to join them and the group was gathered nicely. So on the 13th day on Friday, 13 people with their headlamps crept through the dark, marshy and sinking muddy forest into the Kulha shed of Joutsjärvi. By the time it was calculated that when we come back on Saturday after midnight for 14 days, we must be 14 and - kappa but - so it happened when one brave Bear Guard, Eila, had already gone alone to the tent in advance and set the campfire ready. There were enough clo...

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Quiet aurora arc

16.3.2018 at 22.00 - 23.00 - Nakkila (II)
Tomi Kurri, Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

Dim northern lights on the northern horizon. However, the movement stood out with the naked eye.

Penumbral lunar eclipse

10.1.2020 at 19.30 - 21.30 - Ulvila (II)
Tomi Kurri, Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

We observed the lunar eclipse of the Moon at the Ulvila observatory with Jarkko Suominen and his son. The weather was clear and the eclipse was fine, during the deepest phase the shadow was clearly visible to the naked eye. We made visual observations with the association’s Celestron C11 and Sky-Watcher Stratravel 80 telescopes. For the photo, we installed the Boren-Simon astrograph of the association on Celika’s backpack.

Other special clouds

5.4.2017 at 18.50 - Pori (IV)
Juha Ojanperä, Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

Jarko and I noticed handsome Kelvin-Helmholtz clouds at Pori Airport.

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9.11.2017 at 00.00 - 01.20 - Ulvila (III)
Juha Ojanperä, Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

Last night, Jarkko Suominen introduced me to the use of our association's CCD camera. The weather was clear, but the Moon approaching from the last quarter roared in the sky. The targets during the training session were selected from the Screens and the Andromeda Galaxy. The finished image has a total exposure of 20 minutes (LRGB, 5 x 1 minute for each channel). This image is an untreated single frame (1 min, L-channel), the image has only been instant stretched in Pixinsight and saved as a jpg. Processed pictures in the future!

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NGC 2392

21.2.2019 at 00.00 - 02.30 - Ulvila
Juha Ojanperä, Vesa Puistovaara, Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

We were at the Ulvila observatory to test the new tripod and get better acquainted with the camera of our association and the operation of its control software. During the training session, we imaged the Eskimos of the Twins (NGC 2392) with LRGB filters. Here is a single frame through the red filter. Image grooved, north bottom, west left. Calibration images reduced from the image, and it is stretched and saved as jpg, plus the contrast is slightly adjusted. Final color image coming later!

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Variable star CH Cyg

13.2.2019 at 00.19 - 00.27 - Ulvila (III)
Juha Ojanperä, Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

We learned how to use the Pori Bear Guard's CCD camera and photometric measurements at the Ulvila observatory! We chose the variable, CH Cygn, as the first exercise target. We measured the brightness of the star with the "Fotodiff" program, the brightness of the star was about 7.74. The average brightness is estimated according to the photodiff report.

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4.9.2016 at 14.09 - 14.17 - Orimattila (III)
Juha Ojanperä, Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

On the way back from the DS meeting in 2016, Jarko and I noticed a nice, low rainbow. The rainbow was only partially visible, first the left branch of the arc was visible, later the right, at this point a little side arc was also visible.


11.8.2016 at 23.30 - 02.40 - Nakkila (IV)
Juha Ojanperä, Tuikku Asikainen, Santeri Peltola, Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

We were having a perseidi party with the active group of Pori Bear Guards in Nakistila's Leistilänjärvi on 11/12/08/2016. During the night, the detection was informal and relaxed, and we did not make a special effort on scientific detection. During the evening I saw asside meteors in a fairly ordinary way, I think, but between 02-02.40 we saw more assists meteors than I think, I could even talk about some kind of eruption. During this time, meteors flashed in the sky at best for up to 1-3 minutes! The eruption seemed to take about 20-30 minutes. I will now begin by attaching my own, the on...

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Quiet aurora band

10.9.2015 at 22.50 - 22.50 - Pori (II)
Jarkko Suominen

We were observing the sky with the Pori Bear Guards Tapio, Aulis and Anniina. When the northern sky was filled with northern lights. Photo taken with Microsoft 640 Lumia ISO3200 and shutter speed 4s.

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Diffuse glow

25.9.2016 at 23.00 - Pori (I)
Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

Because of the jogging of dogs, it has now become noticeable one day after another. This time a northern lights gauze appeared in the sky. At first, the Northern Lights appeared mixed with the big cloud cover, which is why I started to wonder what this is now (the Northern Lights alarm had not been sent to the e-mail either). After a while, however, the sky brightened and revealed a wonderful northern lights play, which sometimes also showed a northern lights arc.

Active aurora band

27.9.2019 at 22.00 - 02.00 - Pori (III)
Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

In the evening we took the dogs out with the family and noticed a small movement of the active northern lights belt. After a short time there, we decided to take the dogs home quickly and return to the scene with my son and take the camera with him. Eventually, we found ourselves in the yyteri describing. The sky showed an active northern lights belt, northern lights gauze, and a calm northern lights belt from the northwest sky all the way to the east sky. At times, you could notice a little red among the northern lights.

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Halo phenomena covering the sky

14.5.2014 at 06.30 - Pori (V)
Jarkko Suominen

In the morning I was on my way to work and came looking at the sun ... Too bad I didn't get a picture of the whole phenomenon. For example, the outer arc was left out of the image.

One halo form

9.3.2016 at 19.01 - Pori (I)
Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

My dog and I took the dog to the "dog beach" of Yori in Pori to run ... Usually that camera is forgotten, but now they wanted to take a little picture of the landscape. The sunbathing there popped up too!

Several halo forms

19.9.2016 at 23.30 - Pori (II)
Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

While jogging with the dogs, I noticed the side moons that appeared on both sides of the moon ... In one of the pictures, a halo also appeared over the moon ... Or it's a reflection from the lens! Wiser multiplier sizes!

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One halo form

10.7.2017 at 20.00 - Pori (I)
Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

It was from the shores of Yyteri that I was coming home when I noticed a halo in the sky

One halo form

26.7.2017 at 21.30 - Pori (I)
Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

As I drove the car, I noticed a bright and colorful side circle in the sky. Only a mobile phone with which I didn't get a very good picture of the halo was included in the trip.

One halo form

22.4.2019 at 20.00 - 20.05 - Pori (I)
Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

Around the sun side suns visible.

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One halo form

28.6.2019 at 21.00 - 21.20 - Pori (I)
Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

While shopping, I noticed a nice halo in the sky, my head when it’s always cloudy! XD

Several halo forms

3.7.2019 at 15.50 - 16.30 - Pori (II)
Jarkko Suominen, Porin Karhunvartijat

Coming from work, a spectacular halo phenomenon was visible in the sky.

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