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Other storm phenomenon

5.7.2022 at 12.00 - 14.00 - Parkano (III)
Esa Palmi, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

On the borders of Parkano and Ikaalinte in Vahojärvi and in Sisstö, a forest felled by a rapid flow. The area is kilometers in length. The fall flow was on 2 July 2022.

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Lightning photo

5.7.2022 at 01.14 - 06.00 - Laitila (V)
Pirjo Koski, Porin Karhunvartijat

In the evening, it started to look like there would be a chance for night lightning. I went to check the situation. Immediately after shaking hands, my eyes were caught by a handsome thunder cloud in the southeast direction. I started to monitor its movements when I saw night clouds lighting up with my side eye.... I got a picture of the nightingales + a distant raven, yahhuu! Cells started to form at one o'clock in the morning, and while watching the night clouds with a side eye, the cloud on the southeast side started to flicker. At the same time, a band of clouds started flickering, whi...

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Image of an exceptional thunder cloud

6.7.2022 at 10.40 - 10.55 - Ylöjärvi, Kuru (III)
Esa Palmi, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

In the morning, the thunder rumbled on the side of Parkano, filmed with a drone. Unfortunately, continuous rain everywhere prevented better filming.

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Arcus cloud

5.7.2022 at 05.40 - 06.10 - Ulvila (IV)
Vesa Puistovaara, Porin Karhunvartijat

In Pori, the July morning brought a deafening deafening noise. The play was recorded on one of Karhukamera's cameras, from which the accompanying observational recording was made. The video seems to stop abruptly at 05:54:26, but continues even after that. I myself drew attention in the video to the fact that the cloud masses above the tornado cloud travel in the same direction at different speeds and when they meet, they almost immediately cause lightning.

At least 10 lightning strikes seen

5.7.2022 at 02.00 - 03.30 - Turku (IV)
Mikko Peussa, Ursa (Länsi-Suomi)

I woke up first at two in the morning to a rumble and then again at three. When I couldn't sleep anymore, I put the camera on the balcony and watched a great thunderstorm through the window. I got one flash on the cell before the front advanced behind the house into the street. That lightning was quite a shock.

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Other storm phenomenon

5.7.2022 at 01.25 - 02.30 - Urjala (I)
Markku Ruonala

Observation of the night clouds had to stop when a thunderstorm started about 80-100 km away in the direction of the southwest. For more than an hour, I followed the relatively rarely visible kaleidoscope and two live flashes.

Other storm phenomenon

5.7.2022 at 02.20 - Lieto (V)
Raija Laihinen, Turun Ursa

You are coming.

At least 10 lightning strikes seen

5.7.2022 at 01.00 - 04.02 - Turku (IV)
Paula Mattila

A nice, long-lasting early morning thunder, the second half of which I could watch from the upstairs balcony.

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